3 Straight Ways to Fail in Life By Freedom Chimereze

As the thought of penning down this article came to my mind, the first thing I remembered was the words I heard many years ago while I was still in Primary school. What could that be? I have never forgotten it; for it has been stamped into my heart. "The easiest thing to be in life is to be useless".  

Yes, you just read it for yourself and I do congratulate you for that. Now, may I ask you please, would you like to lead a useless kind of life?

Well, I guess you answered "No", therefore let me share with you the three straight ways to succeed in life.

1. Mind your Mind:
Yea, mind your mind or rather master the act of minding what your mind is minding; for in the mind lies the greatest nation unseen by human eyes. It is the nation of images; image-nation (imagination).
My teacher Jim Rohn was right when he said "everyday, stand guard at the door of your mind". Friends, you need to be careful of what you let into your mind for it will shape your actions which forms your results. The mind is the birth place of great ideas; keep it healthy!

2. Make Adequate Plans:
Planning has no alternative as far as success is required in a given task. A man who has no plans for his ideas is simply daydreaming in Summer. For every great idea, there must be great plans; for in the planning lies the strategy, clarity and attainability evaluation of your ideas. Then as your plan is complete, don't forget to give it a timeline, for in timing and sense of urgency lies the will to accomplish.

3. Take Action:
No matter how wonderful and great your ideas and plans may be, if you take no action on them, you will never accomplish them. You must therefore "cast thy net into the deep". Many a man have lived their lives talking about their big ideas but never attained their ideas. Don't let fear of any kind hold you back anymore. Dear friend, I dare you to take action and according to Harold Whitman "don't ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive and then go and do that; because what the world needs are people who have come alive".

Thank you as I wait to congratulate you for your success.

Written by:
Freedom Chimereze
Advocate for Good Governance and Peaceful Co-habitation.

Founder, Global Citizens' Initiative (Nigeria).

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