OP-ED: PROCRASTINATION:The Cancer Killing The Youths By Kenneth B DAVID

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Procrastination is the thief of time. It is the cancer that has eaten deep into the mentality of our youth today. Kakorrhaphiophobia (Fear of Failure) is the major cause of Procrastination. The denouements of this act are poverty, regrets, and wasted time. A lot of dreams have been wasted, destinies changed and unachieved,  talents undiscovered as a result of this cancer - Procrastination. I feel bittered when I see the Youths (Potential Leaders) of Tomorrow whiling away time, doing nothing substantial, entrusting everything to fate and luck.

 Life doesn't work that wayat all times. The competition in the world today is so high, economic meltdown everywhere, the Government does not have the panacea for the country problems.I used to be a 'Chronic Procrastinator' most especially when it comes to studying。 I was nicknamed : KBD THE CRASH PROGRAMMER. The tedious and very demanding nature of my course (Pharmacy) was not a yardstick.
Eventhough I was always able to assimilate almost all of the Semester's work in one night, I discovered that studying before tests and exams gives me a better understanding of the course work. Hardluck is not enough, Working Smart is also a sine qua non.

There are many areas of our lives that have been lagging behind as a result of this 'Cancer'. Posterity will not forgive you if you fail to make the right decision today that will combat regrets tomorrow. You may have wasted your precious time in time past, but it is never too late to make amends。 Time is money, once it is lost, it can never be regained. You may saying:'I am still young, I have all the time in the world to engage in
obscene lifestyle',, 'I would do this, I would do that, bla bla bla,

When I am through with my undergraduate programme', and many more wishes would never come to pass except you stop procrastinating. Even the Holy Books said it that a time is coming when You would not have
the Strength to do things anymore. Now is the time to invest in your future.

For the remaining years of your life,  invest your time in profitable activities, learn a trade, interract with people of like minds and those that are better than you, so that you can learn from them, study hard and smartly, be optimistic, and above all, Trust God。 You can still be that rara aris you've always dreamt of。 See you at the Top.

 I conclude with this Greek Proverb:"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know
they shall never sit in."

KBD (KASUPharmacine)

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