Motivational Meals [MM] & Inspirational Drinks [ID]

=> I had been more successful the periods I was single, than those times I did mingle; it's not that relationship was an impediment to my success during those times, but those I had been in relationships with are: they were wonderfully special but they never cared about succouring me to unleash my potentials. It's better for me to rather remain single than to fail to fully and properly unleash my potentials just because I mingle. NDJP


=> The kind of dream I have is the one that flows like a stream such that not only me can benefit from the it when fulfilled: the dream is like a portable stream that passes through nooks and crannies such that anyone can channel part [but not all] of it into his/her own life! NDJP

=> I'm not so much interested in who was successful yesterday, neither am I so interested in who is successful today nor who is going to be successful tomorrow: I'm indefatigably interested in WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE SUCCESSFUL! NDJP

=> Even if you would lose good SIGHT, don't lose good INSIGHTS: good SIGHT helps you to know if something is BRIGHT, but good INSIGHTS help you to know and do what is RIGHT. Good SIGHT helps you to see your DESIRED DESTINATION but good INSIGHTS help you to know when you have gotten to your DESTINED DESTINATION. Good SIGHT is for clear VISION while good INSIGHTS can help you to fulfill your VISIONS. REMEMBER, having both good SIGHT and good INSIGHTS will give you greater BENEFITS. NDJP

=> If you are only making good use of the eyes on your face, you'll only know how to LOOK [you can only SEE]; but if you are as well making good use of the eyes of your mind, then you'll know how to OBSERVE [you can SCRUTINIZE]. We LOOK with the eyes on our FACES, but we OBSERVE with the eyes of our MINDS. NDJP


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    1. waaaaaaawu! Thanks for coming sir Chucks
      please, he is another Bird of inspiration, maybe The Inspirational Peacock.

      kindly follow him on twitter via @ChucksBigdot

  2. never you lose hope because nobody can cope a second without hope!

    keep coming, more of this are coming...


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