This story was set in by a Lady who decided to share the testimony of her friend with others,to inspire others not to lose their faith in God and trust in HIM to see you through through all your difficulties..

Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu, yet again performed another miracle by the Grace of God. It all happened on  27th August 2007, after his deliverance session in Communio Sanctorium, when a lady who was barren for eleven years came out to testify that she missed her period in that month of August which has never happened to her for eleven years.

The lady – Mrs. Chioma Okoye who admitted to have visited numerous hospitals seeking for medical help from physicians who kept promising her that things would get better. According to her she had lost hope for years, but decided to run back to her God by visiting –Communo Sanctorum Catholic Prayer ministry, where she has been attending their prayer meetings, even before she got married to her husband.

Mrs. Chioma confessed that after answering the special altar call for all barren women, the previous week, she noticed that she never saw her period from that day. She kept this to herself, and decided not to tell anyone not even her husband who was already tired of listening to tales of failed pregnancies. Though after a while,she decided to tell her husband.

Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu immediately placed her under intensive care-unit of the ministry, where she was regularly checked and prayed for.

Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu began to administer “Alpha Fertility circle I” which she took, a cup of it three times a day, half an hour before meal.

The religious administrator cum university professor continued with  the second session of cleansing where he administered “Alpha Fertility cycle II” four counts, a glass-cup of it and also half an hour before meals.

Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu consistently fasted and prayed till the woman who was barren for eleven years finally took in.
Indeed! It was a battle with the kingdom of darkness over her life – fertility, after nine months of intensive prayers and visitation by Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu’s visitation team, Mrs. Chioma was delivered of a set of triplet. 

The joy of Communio Sanctorium members, doubled when Mrs. Chioma and her family came to thank God for not just delivering her from barrenness, but also for given her three bouncing babies at the same time.

In her words “I still cannot believe that after eleven years I am now a mother. After 11 years of mockery, from all my friends and relations. God has used Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu to wipe away my tears. 

I will only advice those who still have doubts, in their mind about the miracle God is doing, in this ministry to come and see with their eyes. I never believed until I came. I thank God for using Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu to destroy the works of the enemy, in my life and family. 

      ‘’Glory to God, honour to Mary!”    

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