INFORMATION on the outcome of the NYSC pre-oreintation briefing held yesterday being 29/09/2016 for the benefits of the absentees...
The briefing which took place in Auditorium arena IMT ENUGU. massively attended by top school managements acedemia and HND the opening remarks the Rector of the school prof Godwin Onu who was ablely represented by the Deputy Rector Admin Mr Ejike.Welcomed the prospective corps members and urged them to take the briefing very serious because of its sacrocancy towards a successful NYSC year.

Delivery the lecture by an NYSC official from Abuja by name MR Chinedu E.O ,he started by stating clear the main objective of this one year national service pointing out that the program was established by Gen Yakubu Gowon in 1973 with the aim of National integration tribal integration and unity among the youths of the country.
 He also used the medium to lay emphasis on the NYSC mobilization procedures stating qualifications as such candidate must be a either HND'Bsc,LLA or any other qualifications that comes from Jamb accredited institutions in Nigeria others are such person must be below the age of 30years below and that for those students who might forge their age that the real age is already with them by WEAC board and for candidates who have exceeded the age bracket that an NYSC Exemption certificate will be issued out to such candidate. Stating that the program is National youths service corps not NATIONAL ADULT SERVICE CORPS also in the case of those who are married(females that they will be posted to the place were their husbands are domiciled and must present the following items as prove
a.Marriage certificate from the court registry (not from the church of marriage)
bashing of name with newspaper edition prove
c.Husband Identity card Ice voters card'National ID card or Drivers License (photocopy)
NB..pregnancy is not a prove of marriage so he warned against those who might want to use their pregnancy as a prove of there marriage to desist.
Also on the issue of those who are still yet to get there JAMB pin he said that the old jamb can still be revalidate in Jamb office owerri or such student should wait and exercise patience for the new pin and warned that any student without Jamb reg.number should forget about NYSC
He also made it clear that online registration will commence on the 17th of Oct 2016 by 12midnight stating that the registrations must be done by the student not second party saying that your Bio data will be take. From u and thumb print captured will also be done..also mentioned that before u will allowed into the camp thumb prints will be repeated and if it does not corresponds such candidate will be sent home and before u receive your monthly allowance the same thumb print will be repeated before being paid..And in the case of state posting he said the on the very day the portal will open four state will be made available and u MUST be posted to one amount them but not not state of linguistics or state of for the benefit of those who wants to serve in big city like Lagos or PH or Abuja should log in to the portal once the registration starts. because once such state fills up u will be directed to a nearby state it might be a northern state.. We are to pay the sum of 3000 naira in the designated banks nation wide before completing the registration and after then a call up number will be given to u via SMS or Gmail address and u will print your call up later and made it clear that in case of u lost it'it can also be reprinted but if u can't afford to pay such amount that such students should visit the school DSA for the call up letter. And invade of lost the process is to enormous
Also he warned that life in the camp is regimented so we should prepare our mind for military training through the help of Nigerian Army and warn that nursing mothers and pregnant ladies will be sent home and promised that every allowances paid in the camp will get to them through there account numbers
Also he said that once we arrive the camp a transportation allowance of 1500 will be paid for is to recover the transport we spent coming there and a bicycle allowance of 9000  for the males..saying that duration in the camp in 3weeks and and end the first allowee of 19,800 will paid
He also said that as a corper CDS (community Development Service) is very compulsory and must be followed up because negligence attracts extra year and half pay..In grades'he said that students with "Distinction" will be posted to higher institution as  lecturers and those with upper credit will either be in senior secondary school as teachers'Ministry and parastata while those will lower credit and pass will settle in Junior secondary schools or primary schools..
He also pointed out that the place of primary Assignment should be able to provide you with accommodation and transport means to enable you serve your country well..After his lectures he entertained some questions by students and DSA made the closing speech... Closing prayer was said by Mr Ugonna P.and the students were entertained with Biscuit and pure water..Thanks and that's the highlight......GOD BLESS  AIT news

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