The Communio Sanctorum ministries located in Awka capital of Anambra State, close to old English suites on Thursday September 8, when the cleric and professor of philosophy and the Spiritual director of the ministry instructed the congregation to be in position of prayer, he told the congregation to fold their hands in a prayer mood.

Subsequently, Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu called out fire from heaven, the congregation received the power of the holy spirit as many fell under the anointing of the holy spirit.

Many were healed of their sicknesses, a woman who had brain tumour was instantly healed, an HIV positive man was healed, many were delivered of demonic possessions.   

Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu has been a blessing to the people of Anambra State. His ministry has become increasingly popular  in the sub-region.

Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu to the surprise of many is an academia, and a professor of Philosophy in Nnamdi Azikiwe Univeristy, Awka.

In Obiajulu Mwumba’s words “the similitude of Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu’s intellectual ingenuity and production scholarly outings was vaquely seen in Alexandria of antiquity amongst the Egyptian Pharoahs and Ptolemeys, in Songhai empire of Old, and in the erstwhile Kameni-Bormim, Kamirri and Nupe Empire. The likes of Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu was seen in Babylonian Empire under Hammurabi the king hence his success in erecting the Hanging Garden, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world; Very Rev. Fr. (Prof.) Bonachristus Umeogu is a man of power and an exceptional gift from God.  

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