. Dimmy ,Chiagozie , and Elochukwu Ezeumeanya (EJIMA- ATO)

       The Marriage institution is facing the most difficult times, with the wake of civilization. This reminds us of the titanic ship. We hope it doesn’t collapse completely. “chukwu amankwe” God forbid! The instability is majorly orchestrated by constant divorce amongst celebrated individuals, whom we never had an iota of doubt they would ever go part ways. Of course they are in the public eye, bearing the status conferred on them by the media. They make news and we can’t help it!

     The promotion is also intense with single parents, who suddenly begin to celebrate their success even more on their wedding day, after separating with the devil that sucked them dry. Like we heard of one Nigerian artist who got signed to Jay-Z’s record label after separating with her husband“akanchawa” open doors. We hope you know whom we are referring to?

  These days, divorce are launched as musical album with organized press briefing to give it the needed flesh and bone marrow,but our concern is that you, Linda Ikeji is yet to get married. From our observations, you have untapped mineral resources that can feed a nation, “uluanu”  what is keeping you? “Ogini jizi gi?  Linda you need to make marriage your top most priority. If it’s hard, place an ad for “Who will marry Linda Ikeji?” We bet you, guys will definitely show.  “Ekene before nko, if na you, you no go show?” Linda please just close your eyes and fall in love abeg. Your eyes have been open for too long. “Oginidi”?

    “Hmm, ooh! Ekene you don’t know Lindodo is from Imo state?” “But I thought Agozie  said Nkwere people are not part of stereotyped set ” “ supu! Oyibo! Biko ask Linda that one, at least she knows better”Your life portrays this caring lady that has taken her siblings and parents as her immediate family. “Have you heard she takes the entire family on vacation yearly?  All of them o o!  

      “Ekene ee, I don’t think it’s yearly ” “Let’s Leave it yearly, it’s more juicy” “Elo, just imagine you're  Linda Ikeji’s  brother, ewoo! 'Ifeoma amaka” Vacations not withstanding, you still made all your sibling stable. “You don try abeg”.
      You have been able to get a white mansion, fleet of cars, and several secrete endorsements. Very soon you will buy your yacht and private jet, for Lindodo white party. She loves white colour. We can see this full portrait of an intending mother, wife, and companion who is in dire need of a lover who will cuddle her laps all through the night. Stop pretending! We can feel the pulse. Stop using blanket and human size teddy. It’s scary. They can’t even have a HEART SOFTENING conversation that can open the locked bridge for French kiss. “Eayah, Linda ndo ooo” Sorry, its well. Late night movies wouldn’t solve the problem either . 

     We know how terrible this situation can be at times. Just marry. You need a man in that white castle. Aunty Linda, we understand the confusion and tricks that comes with being a celebrity rich lady, “Every” man would certainly want Linda as wife. But we still understand that the undiluted experience you gained at ” University of Poverty” would have adjusted your inner eye to dictate deadly carnivorous vultures  when they appear on double breast suit as hunk, tall, thick, and potential husband material.  Irresistible “edikang ikon, Hmm!” Flee from them. 

     They sample themselves on Red carpet with borrow-borrow materials including singlet, but your problem is that “you no dey use eye see six packs”, egg plant with long pipe. “chai! , lindodo, ifensoli. E dey sweet like banana”. One major sustaining factor for prominence is the roots. Our culture and marriage is an essential part.  Sadly, some notable Nigerians especially the entertainers are trying so hard to destroy the institution.

      You need to stand out upholding our culture. For instance, imagine Asa on “bikini” twerking like Miley Cyrus or Chiamanda Adichie writing like James Hardly Chase, they wouldn’t have gotten to the top at such pace with international acceptance. They clothed their talent with their unique background. The roots! The first step in making changes in our life starts with a change, shift from the context. This is changing the way we look at things and filters we use to process the information and experience.

      Lindodo, if you announce the bells now by taking a hunk to a market square, pretend you both came to buy “agidi jollof” just tell him to kneel and propose. Make sure you Position paparrazi at hidden points for full coverage oo! “anyway we trust you nah. Amebo . No be tatafo wey make you blow” We bet your perceptions will begin to change. Especially when the media reports it was “agidi jollof” made him propose. What a natural love.

    By transforming an ordinary blog site into a Billion Naira earning venture,and unlocking your future permanently,it has shown how dedicated you can be. But you need to translate this phenomenal breakthrough by grooming the generation after you.'unhatched eggs in your tummy'. This is one of the most important role of a woman. Taking on this challenge starts with understanding your thoughts and actions- what the brain assimilates, and how you act on the information should reflect your positive core values and willingness to stay committed.

     We noticed you are an introvert which is very unlikely of  ladies in your status of wealth and achievement. We can count how many red carpets you have appeared on. You have married your blog for a long time. Posting stories by 2am, when you are supposed to be moaning  in his arms loudly. ''Oops! Give it to me! Aah!”  shaking the foundation of the white castle “ikwokirikwo”  it’s your house and nobody’s business. Your siblings have to pack out with immediate effect. Take note, before they post the sound on your blog.

   Lindodo , you may not understand that your life and career is the bridge that cuts across thousands of life(especially the youths) whom already model your lifestyle by following your heart beat of information. Your influence is massive. You need to redefine the established negative picture of marriage by celebrities across the world. It’s a task you most achieve.
     Insecure people have changed the physical and emotional differences between men and women blowing it into unnecessary proportion. Reshaping the natural reality to fit into their wicked paradigms because they are prominent, molding vulnerable youths into their own deadly world, like the gay activists

     The Strength of marriage is having another point of view. Sameness is not oneness, uniformity is not unity. The essence of marriage is to value the differences. These differences can be the source of creating new exciting form of life- creating a family that is truly fulfilling for each person. It can nurture self esteem and self worth for both of you. 

     Linda,this can definitely create a new script for the next generation. You have proven to be less selfish, less possessive, protective, open, more giving, and less judgmental. We are officially applying as best men for your traditional and white wedding. Please convince your boo to accept.



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