She visited my crib that Saturday morning 6am by my wall clock, I was still on my mixed coloured boxers, standing and stretching from the all night dream battle. This is the second knock this time followed by a harsh voice. Emeka Emeka !! Who could this be I mutted, she amplified her voice, Emeka please respect your self and open this door....I made haste and put on my white Imex singlet Bought from Roban stores Enugu, dangled to the door amist no light cos i was living In a dark room.

      Immediately I handled the door bolt she rushed into the room,without any word jumped on my 5inches by 6inches width and length Mouka foam.I was totally lost in a fog of oblivion.What is going on? Is there any problem? Could she be pre***nt? Indignant words filled my lips words I couldn't set free.I thrusted my hands on my adieu papa black T shirt and opened my unpainted door wide,sat at the edge of my 12 inches wood work and ready to quize her .

      I listened closely and noticed she was sobbing, she has wetted my newly washed bed sheet .should I shout at her ?- u never can tell what next she is up to, should I compelling her to talk, what actually is she going to say?My mind traveled far and wide then I recalled what happened on march 16 2016.

      Next episode coming Up tomorrow morning


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