Episode 2 *******************I couldn't bear the grave yard moment anymore, she has dossed off with her snoring echoing louder than my four batteries Walkman handy radio. I quickly picked my Android 6.2 techno W4 straight to my messages ,"devil is a liar" I soliloquizes as I continue to edit the sent and delete the received .Same to my social platforms,leaving no stone unturned.....It is already 9am ,she asked for water to take her bath, always an obedient servant I didn't delay to deliver,....hardly is there any sense of negative taught in my mind as I watch her dressing up after bathing.*Though man is not wood*Emeka! She called silently , I gazed into her eyes ,slowly she began to shade tears in a sorrowful mood.I draw near to hold het she resisted my consolation."What will I tell my parents she whispered......"Keep with us next episode coming up.

Episode 3

      I couldn't doubt the fear in me as she broke into silence thereafter,
     Are you hungry? I asked inquisitively, she maintained silence.

    This time am beginning to get upset with the whole development, could she just be playing me, what action will I take next. Into the kitchen, I boiled water and serve her tea with some pieces of Beloxxi cream crackers biscuit.
....it's almost mid-day, every student busy with their chores, and I busy fighting my unknown.
She asked if there is any work or cloth to wash? " there is ,only but few, still I can take care of it later. I spoke manly  still I nurse fear deep in my stomach.

She insisted on assisting in my chores, I managed to steal a smile because this is her first visit on a busy Saturday morning...

Next coming up keep reading ....


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