Today on Fashion,Check Out The Latest Hair Styles On The Bloc {Ladies Only}

.Peace Odinakachi

  Its  pretty much amazing how fashion trends come and go.It could be the latest hair styles on the bloc, dresses, shoes whatever goes as fashion. Every day there's the inspiration for something new from stylists the world over. It could even be a revamping of old styles. Here are some revamped hair styles on the bloc that would always be lovely.

CROCHET BRAIDS: The saying is so true “there is nothing new under the sun!”. Crochet used to be a thing of the past for our grandmothers and great grandmothers. Today it’s gaining so much popularity among women all over the world!


GEL PACKING: Popularly called packing gel or telephone wire as of late 90's and early 2000 is back with a bang. While girls rocked this in their primary school days,everyone is rocking this hair style now.
BOB CUT: This style, unique in its own way has always been around the corner. Giving every woman the classic look,the bob is here to stay.


CURLS: Curls in all its glory like the bob has always been around the corner. It could be long, short, full but always beautiful. The curl is one style that is classic anytime anyday.


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