I know fit laugh abeg,I tuale for naija.Things are really hard oo,heee!. As I decided to go and seee my frind in the hospital hmm,na himi hear see doctorsdey run comot,trust me,na that day u go sabi sey i b eta pass blessing Okagbare

Please enjoy the story.
       Medical doctors at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) took to the streets of Zaria, Kaduna state to protest .Their grouse includes that they have been chased out of the tertiary hospital by nothing but snakes and reptiles .

     They also mentioned the experience of one of their colleagues and expressed anger that the hospital lacks facilities for treatment The National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) of the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) are shouting for help over what they described as invasion of snakes and other reptiles in the hospital.

    Doctors in ABUTH protest invasion of hospitals by snakes and other reptiles Daily Trust reports that the president of the union, Dr Waziri Aliyu, declared that the protest had become necessary to draw the attention of the government to the deplorable state of the hospital as well as alleged mismanagement by those who manage it. ABUTH is one of the many tertiary hospitals located in various states of Nigeria and owned by the federal government. Their major goal is to provide specialised services, those not found in primary healthcare centres and general hospitals.

      However, many of them have been burdened by alleged mismanagement, high-handedness and lack of the required equipment with which the doctors and other professionals can work effectively. Aliyu said: “The poor environmental sanitation within the hospital and its environs had led to our member being bitten by a poisonous snake at the staircase of the surgical ward. “Sad enough, he almost lost his life as he suffered from envenomination as the hospital could not provide anti-snake venom for its doctor on duty for over 36 hours after the snake bite.”

       According to him, the hospital facilities are in deplorable condition. For example, the hospital can no longer conduct simple tests and investigations like X-ray, ultrasound or MRI. According to Aliyu: “This is a hospital that has transfusion unit, which could not produce blood components due to lack of cold centrifuge, hence, it cannot be differentiated from a general hospital. 

       “We also have the problem of low residency training, refusal to reinstate the sacked resident doctors, skipped levels, victimisation of NARD members following involvement in the directed strike of June 2016, among others. “If the management fails to meet our demands, our members would proceed on three-day warning strike from today (Monday, August 15).” 

     The report said the chief medical director of the hospital, Professor Lawal Khalid, confirmed that there were snakes in the hospitals, but said the hospital environment was clean. “The doctors have been receiving their full salaries as at when due since August 2015.

     “The only pending problem now is skipping, and it has to do with money. We have met with the speaker, House of Representatives over the issue,” he said.


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