Aunty Sabi no dey tire,she no dey rest at all ooo,haba!Even during exam period she still get  hot gossips to gist us...

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   Oya Tell someone to tell someone that knows anyone that Aunty Sabi is @it again……

     So there I was, sitting with my brows furrowed and my eyes focused,intently in a desperate bid to copy and paste the information in my note to my brain. I was making progress, or so I thought.

     Soon, she started beckoning to me in all her shiny glory, tempting me to touch her smooth surface and enjoy the blissful sounds she would make.(OMG!). I tried really hard to resist but as usual, she won and in no
distant time, I had picked up the temptress that is my phone(what where you thinking about?hmmm) and started snooping for the latest gist.

   So I heard that our dear Gareth Bale of Real Madrid last weekend rented Tagomago Island, located next to Ibiza for 400,000 euros just to propose to his long term girlfriend and baby mama Emma Rrhys-Jones.. Did you read that? The whole Island!! 

   He went down on one knee, a shiny and expensive ring in hand, and holding the gaze of his lady fair steady, he proposed. Emma also, with both hands pressed to her lips and tears of joy glistening in her eyes, she accepted. Ok,maybe I spiced up the proposal a little but you get my point. But what if she had said No? lol. I trust my country people.

   And some of our Naija celebs will be here forming boss(sighs in Jenifa's voice), denying those they have impregnated. Others would be attacking relatives of their baby mamas,like one celebrity that sang ‘Mr… na my boy’.(i no call anybody name oo) Some would be having as much baby mamas as possible(like sey na award), yet no marriage in sight and some would be pulling publicity stunts with threats of not marrying their babymama that has been with them from Bariga to wealth.

   I did not name names. Its just gossip

Oya oo e don do,make i run enter hall for my exam see you next week for another set of fresh gossips......

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