GIST ME ON UM:Chinese Photography, Can It Get Any More Extreme???

Tell someone to tell someone that knows anyone that Nadine is @it again……

Dear UM readers, I bring you the latest from Japan! I heard from a little birdie that there is this photographer in Japan that takes wedding shots of people in airtight plastic bags. Yep! The couples get to be snapped inside plastic bags. What won’t we hear of bikonu?

The photographer’s name is Hal Kawaguchi. When interviewed, he said he was experimenting with a couple to see how they looked in plastic bags. Fortunately for him, newlyweds started buzzing his line for photos like that. Hal said that he adds gel unto the bodies of the couple before putting them in the plastic bag, then he checks to see if there is any friction at all and then gets rid of it. He says he has four seconds to take the shots and he can’t take more than two shots within that time.

Hal however, assures them that they are in no real danger since he has life guards on standby should it go south. With this confidence instilled in his customers, he then proceeds to suck out the air from the plastic with a vacuum cleaner.

People were and still are paying a lot of money for these bizarre pictures. 


Dear Nigerians, please lets invent our own o. I suggest we make gowns and trousers out of Ghana-must-go bags or akpa beans. Lol. 

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