YAM CRISPS: Kings delicacy

Making Yam crisp is another fine way of enjoying yam.Most people are used to eating plantain chips and are not aware of the potentials of yam. When prepared nice, thin
and spiced up, it can serve as a snack you just want to continue munching on. 

Garnished with thin strips of carrot, then dipped into mayonnaise is pure heaven. You get to enjoy the different textures; the salty, sugary or a mix of both salt and sugar crispiness of the yam and the crunchiness of the carrots enveloped in the spicy heat of the sauce or the creamy deliciousness of mayonnaise.

I bet you don’t want to miss this. It is very simple to prepare and takes just a few minutes.
Let me indulge you.

*STEP 1*
Cut and peel a slice of yam that is about 3 inches long, to
give some length to the crisp.

*STEP 2*
With a potato peeler, slice from the top to the bottom towards you really thin slices of yam or do I call them thin sheets of yam?

*STEP 3*
Put the slices/ sheets in a bowl containing water, then add some salt, sugar or a mix of both. Leave the yam slices in itfor a few minutes. This is to make sure there is even distribution of salt and or sugar on the yam.Alternatively, you can leave out the salt and sprinkle on the crisps when draining on a paper napkin but for sugar, make sure it is soaked in water with the yam slices to sweeten the yams. The longer you soak the nicer the yams.

*STEP 4*
Drain off the water properly.

*STEP 5*
Add some blended, dried (cayenne) pepper or be adventurous with other spices (ginger, garlic, onion powder etc.) and mix in evenly.

*STEP 6*
Fry in hot oil for a few minutes until crisp.

Drain on a paper napkin. See how nice and almost translucent they look? Lovely!

Serve immediately with mayonnaise. You can add sliced veggies of your choice.



Compiled by GreatJay

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