BREAKING NEWS!!! President Buhari Plans To Resign – Presidency


Sources within the presidency have said President Muhammadu Buhari and his cabinet should resign – They are been asked to resign over their inability to manage the economy.

    Following the cash crunch that has gripped the Nigerian economy, sources within presidency are saying the president and his cabinet members, should be forced to resign for their inability to manage the economy. 

    The decline in the nation’seconomy has been attributed to the renewed bombing of pipelines by militants in the Niger Delta region and the 70 per cent decline in oil prices from about S116 per barrel in June 2014 to about $30 per barrel earlier in the year.

     Investigations had showed that the initial plan of the government, was to release the sum of N350 billion every quarter, to ensure that there were sufficient funds to keep capital projects running, but this plan has been thwarted, due to dwindling oil revenue and lack of clear cut economic policies.

 Did you actually forget that this is Naija,its actually a joke. Nobody ever resigns in this country...

Just my own way of saying Good morning on this wonderful monday morning

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