This is a special column designated to discuss spectacular and innovative brands owned by young entrepreneurs or brands that are youth/student friendly.Our team of business correspondents would be looking out for such brands and would be talking about them weekly.We shall be discussing this brands in details.So sit back,read,enjoy and u guys loads.

The selected brand for this Wednesday’s edition is ‘Nanios Creativity’. Did I say Nanios? Of course I did. What is Nanios you may want to ask? It is an entrepreneurial outlet that is headed by a student of our very own Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

They specialize in bead making of all sorts for all kinds of occasions! Is it a wedding? A birthday? An anniversary? Or even a get together? Nanios has always been my choice brand for bead making.

All you need do is tell her the specific design and colour you would have your jewelry be, and it is as good as done. Don’t have any design in mind? Leave it to Nanios to wow you. The beads are made at affordable prices too.

So when next you see me sporting a beautiful beaded necklace and dangling earrings to match, at that wedding or function I was invited to, you know who to credit!


1 comment:

  1. The designs here look great.
    I particularly fancy the one with red rose petals.
    The one with red balls is fantastic too.
    Obviously a talented team of bead makers.


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