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    So, I had just finished my exams and I was excited and I still am excited to be a finalist. I decided to scoop around, as usual to see what the latest was! I believe it to be common knowledge that Queen Mavin, Tiwa Savage was signed to Jay-Z’s record label ROC nation, am I right?
   After her debut performance on the stage, she rendered her fans speechless when she made the triangle sign with both her hands. The sign is famous for its synonymity with the god of the Illuminati. The sign is believed to be of the devil, so I heard o.
Don Jazzy who was also present for the show, sought to take a picture with Tiwa after her debut. There was a statue that hung on the wall closest to them, it was said to be one of the gods of the

   Don Jazzy opted to uploading the pictures on social media platforms. I heard he captioned it, I however do not know the exact words he used but a sketchy version I would give.
Don J said the show was fun and he was in a hurry to get away from the area where the statue laid for fear of being grabbed by the statue.

    Jazzy and his sense of humor tho.So in the end, fans have expressed their unhappiness for the sign
Mavin’s queen made, others have sought to condemn her and accuse her of being an illuminatist.

What do you think?

   Tell someone to tell someone that knows anyone that Nadine is @it again…..I shuffled the contents of my handbag roughly back in place, for some unknown reason, the door to the bank continually refused to let me in. All that was left was for me to strip, thank goodness the security found a different alternative to get me inside. Lol.

    I studied the news albeit absentmindedly as I waited for my turn to be attended to. Then I saw something that caught my attention. Did you know that somewhere in Japan, scientists collect an unbelievable number of mosquitoes? I bet you didn’t! These mosquitoes are not killed, or eaten…c’mon not everyone behaves like Nigerians. Lol. 

   These mosquitoes, especially the female ones are brought in and treated of the diseases they bear. They are
experimented on so their bites do not cause malaria, zika virus and a host of others the insect transfers. The offsprings of these mosquitoes are often treated at early birth or when they are inside the mother. These mosquitoes when verified to be free of the virus,they are sent back into the wild to continue their lives….

   Do you think they did the right by sending the insects back? Do you think it would have been the typical or jobless thing to do? 
Your thoughts…..

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