This days, because people want to cheat there Network providers, they resolved to changing there phone's IMEI... E.g They change the IMEI of there Android Device to that of a Blackberry, so that they would be able to use cheaper plans that are made specifically for Blackberries on there Android devices.


These are the things you should know before changing your phone's IMEI.

By changing your phone's IMEI;

- You've voided your Phone's warrant.

- You may render your phone useless or bricked.

- You may be sharing that new IMEI with over several hundreds of people.

- Your device now belongs to the original owner of your new IMEI.

- Your device may be blacklisted as a stolen devices, thereby making it unusable on any operator.

- Your device may be mistaken for a stolen phone.

- You may have to pay for someones Crime (sooner), be cause your share the same IMEI.

- Someone else can claim (and win) the ownership of your phone.

- Your (phone's) activities can be easily monitored... especially if you're targeted.

If you've changed your IMEI, then please revert it as fast as possible...

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