I Am Tired of Praying! .

Barack Obama is currently the President of the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of American. He is a first of his kind, making history as the first black American with root from Kenya, East of Africa making it to the white house. He is on the verge of completing a two term tenure of his Presidency gloriously. He has gradually begun settling into a retirement home, which he had bought for a descent US$5million.

Mark Zukerberg is the world youngest billionaire. He actually founded the most populous internet social medium, FaceBook and runs same till this day. He currently lives in a home of US$7million.

Allison Deziani Mmadueke is the immediate past Nigeria's Minister of Petroleum. She had formerly served as Minister of Works. She is actually an Architect by training. While serving as the nation's petroleum Minister, it was alleged that she spent well over N10billion in hiring of private jets for personal and official use. After she had left office, it was found out that she lives in a house in Abuja, Nigeria valued at about US$18million. That's combining the retirement home of the world's most powerful man and that of the world youngest billionaire and you still have a handsome balance of US$2million. I almost forgot to add, the home has a bullet proof gym house. Can you beat that?

  A serving Nigerian head of military, Gen. Burutai owns houses, infact two castles in Dubai costing millions of dollars. This is even when all his lifelong pay and entitlements are not up to a quater of the cost of only one of those porsche buildings in Dubai, UAE.

   Former bulldozer of the FCT and now Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El Rufai had in declaring his asset claimed that he owned over 30 houses in different parts of Nigeria majorly Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. To make matters worse, he declared also that he is worth about N90billion.

   Former Governor of Lagos State and one of the trinity Ministers, Babatunde Fashola had claimed that he used a whooping sum of N85million to set up a website.

   My brother, the shortest served Nigerian Governor and serving Senator, Andy E. Ubah had in declaring his asset claimed to have about N3.3trillion. That was when a trillion naira was valued at about US$8billion. By that, he was richer than the then believed Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote.

    And tomorrow someone would preach us to continue praying. We should continue praying, while they continue looting us dry. Personally, I am tired of praying; if you too are not. It's about time we begin acting.

    Tell me, is something not really wrong with Nigerian politicians and public officials?
Let me rest abegi!


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