Aunty Sabina was so afraid last week wednesday,when she saw soldiers storm Unizik school gate(Ifite gate) at around 12 noon and locked it.

 Aunty sabi,was so afriad that she starting asking those around what happened,but someone told aunty sabi that one boy hmm,well please read the account of the witness here:

According, to the source(witness) the reason behind this action was that a final year student of Unizik insulted an army major general (on uniform) who came to drink with his girlfriend that is also in the same department with the guy, it happened that the guy was having a romantic relationship with the girl, So, on seeing his girlfriend with a military man he had no choice but to insult the army man, but unfortunately the military man took the matter so serious and invited his boys.

   Unfortunately, when his boys arrived, the student attempted to run but it was too late as the troops got hold of him and started beating him mercilessly and arrested him. The school security personnel at the gate where there but couldnt do anything to help the boy....

Though Aunty Sabi couldnt confirm the authenticity of the source story,but she had to share this story so that others coukld be more careful  next time and avoid unnecessary wahala oo.

  Aunty Sabi sabina,is begging Unizik boys to please face their books and write their exams  peace ,and not let Unizik babes land them in trouble like this oooo

Abi????? no be true I talk 

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