These persons, our leaders hate us so much.

      Firstly, I want to make a humble plea. A very sincere and simple one. I wish to kindly plead with our intelligentsia to insist on the Education Ministry, that they graciously, immediately and without further delay introduce a course, 'Burutaifinanciology' to our school's curriculum.
   'Burutaifinanciology' would chiefly be a course which would relate to the study of how best to save the minutest of our earnings and grow it into a million fold over. It doesn't matter whether criminally or otherwise, it just has to be done and it has been found doable by our number one military man.
     Military and paramilitary should ordinarily not be a money making venture, it should usually not be a lucrative business. In the days past, it is believed that the never-do-wells are those who join the various security outfits. The first West African millionaire, Sir. Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu had fought so hard to stop his son, Emeka Ojukwu from joining the military. His son, Emeka was persistent, went against his father's wish to joining the Nigerian military. His entrant actually paved way for more sane persons to also follow his lead.
     Today, many persons who sought to join various security, military or paramilitary outfits are not doing so because of their unparalleled patriotism or because they love the job, sadly, a chunk percentage of them have noticed a looting-channel in those and thus, they struggle to join. The rest are joining because of the now pervasive unavailability of job opportunities.
     The applicants for various outfits, from the military to police to immigration to the road safety corp unit to prison wardens and the nation's security and civil defence corp are always running into hundreds of thousands. Joblessness has dealt a big blow on Nigeria and Nigerians.
    It is be best and perhaps timely that now, !Burutaifinanciology' be introduced. It would go a long way to alleviate poverty, create wealth and as the religious would say, miraculously or the non-believers would say, magically grow our income and maximise gains hundred times over.
   President Muhammed Buhari is, borrowing the now in-vogue slang of many young Nigerians, OYO. Yes Mr. President you are simply 'On Your Own'.
   One year has passed by and we are into the second year of his administration and just like the previous year, the pace is quick and maybe quicker than that of last year. Sadly yet sincerely, one wonders what the President would point at and proudly say yes, I have accomplished.
   The debate would begin. Unfortunately, most debaters would mop up sentiments, in which token they would end up debating sterile.
    Some would say that one year is too short to make a landmark achievement. A visit to Liberia today, the wonders of the new President within a short space of time would inform our sense of reasoning. Others may point at the President's anti-corruption stance or war. Of course that is highly commendable, yet we must agree that he has to clean up his closet first before heading into that of others. Charity they say, begins at home. Whichever thought we build, most of them could be plainly waved down, off and wished away, while only but a few may actually make sense.
   These persons, our leaders hate us so much.
We must agree that the truest essence of leadership is to draw a road map, build a solid foundation and create a channel to the greater good and general wellness of a people by their leader.
   Democratically not politically or autocratic, leadership should involve the hangers of true discipline, humility, integrity and vision. A leader should be gifted in mind, thoughts, actions and inactions. A good leader must always lead from the front. A leader must show in all forms that the led can trust him and his decisions. A good leader leads from the front not from the sidelines and not behind. He must be willing to do good at all times and encourage the populace to follow his path.
    In today's Nigeria, we have a Government that may actually not have those special qualities of true leadership. This Government has in more ways than one characteristically made herself the law, placing some individuals above the law and worse off, habitually and without qualms of conscience, disobeyed Court orders. With these attitudes, one wonders, are we actually in a nation or in reality, turning it into a zoo?
     In whatsoever decision we make, as far as it hurts badly the led, leaves them in confusion, starvation, poverty and penury, where we fail to protect their lives and properties, forget it, nomatter the flashes and rainbow colour linnings we put up or sweet talking, they are plain nonsensical.
    Mr. President, Muhammad Buhari as an individual may be a man of integrity. He may be a very honest man. He may be humble. Yet, it is true that a tree never makes a forest. What of those who share the same table with him? What of those who drink from the same jar as himself? What of those who even stay and live with him? The enemy from the outside may be harmless, powerless or easily defeated, but the enemy from inside within is more dangerous. This should worry him more.
    Most recently, a young Nigerian legal luminary of Igbo descent I should think, had challenged the right of Mr. President to occupy the number one position in the land, insisting that the basic, even though that, that entrant rate is so poor, that the President proves he has a School Leaving Certificate or it's equivalent by presenting same. This rare yet very great patriotic Nigerian made a case out of it and challenged same in a court of competent jurisdiction.
      In the above, I for one, I was scandalized to read that the Presidency had hired nearly a dozen of Nigeria's Senior Advocates, SANs to come represent or defend the President. This same issue came up during the last general elections and it was buried. Alas here it comes yet again and instead of presenting the paper-work as proof, tax payers monies have been mapped out to feed the already overfed, sad!
    The embattled Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose had unapologetically insisted that the Presidency is grossly corrupt. He went ahead making very disturbing revelations and proofs as a back up. Instead of addressing the issues raised, the first lady let loose, throwing away decorum, sense of responsibility and sanity to ranting like a common pepper and 'ogiri' market woman. That was most irresponsible of her.
   These persons, our leaders hate us so much.
    Mr. Burutai who today heads the Nigerian military was formerly in charge of procurement with the same Nigerian military under the past so-believed and now wholly labelled 'grossly' corrupt administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. Heavens worked wonders and the current President, Muhammad Buhari found him without form or guilt and extolled him the nation's military chief. He was the sole saint amongst the many Goodluck Jonathan's sinners.
    Revelations had opened and continuously, more would follow. It was found and revealed that Mr. Burutai has two gigantic buildings in faraway Dubai, the United Arab Emirate. He had insisted that he bought the said mansions with his personal savings. Again and for clarity purposes, he claimed he bought those skyscrapers with his personal savings and those of his two wives. This is crass insult on the Nigerian people. These people take the Nigerian populace as dump and senseless.
    If a subtle comparision is made, between Mr. Burutai and the former Nigeria's Minister of Petroleum, Alison Madueke; we might end up proclaiming the later, a true saint.
    Mrs. Mmadueke was a career woman, studied Architecture abroad, built her career to getting to where she saw herself. She headed two ministries and was OPEC Chairperson for some years. Definitely, she had made a whole lot of money and acquired assets, either by hook or crook.
      President Buhari's 'Saint' Buratai was a full time soldier who as it is believed, in respect and out-show of true patriotism surrendered or sacrificed himself to the service of Nigeria and her people. He was actually not to be paid, the most was meager support. And here, this patriot had miraculously been able to save so much, jointly with his two wives to buy two classy houses in Dubai. Those were bought in hard currencies.
     Even if he had married a dozen wives over, they might have not saved so much to own a house in the FCT, Abuja not to talk of Dubai. Well, UAE doesn't care, it's a free trade zone and that is why no matter what amount of monies one carries, they are allowed with it in the country.
    As the man in charge of military procurement under the past administration, if the incumbent President, Muhammad Buhari was genuine and sincere with his fight against corruption, if he was mean to fight the looters to a halt, if this struggle meant anything serious, in Buratai, we see the real 'Dasukigatian'. He, Buratai is the real money route channel of the Dasukigate. Buratai is the ATM, this man is the actual bullion van, he is the main strong room of the Dasukigate. Now that we have him, we may search no more for he would most likely be the lootery-channel and sole distributor of our common wealth.
     In sane nations, military police would have since picked Buratai up. Well, not in Nigeria, where the President has continually shown against his inauguration promises that in truth, he is for some persons and not for everybody, sad!
     Again, whatsoever we are looking at to get things work, youth engaged and wealth made a million times over is here before us and with us. Buratai is the man with the magic wand. He is the one we have been waiting for to all swim in pump and wealth. He has achieved to saving so much out of nothing or little, let's get him to introduce this third wonder of our world to the Nigerian education system and will invariably make young Nigerians multi billionaires in a matter of months.
      The big thieves are those here, they exist within and are likely, the now untouchables.
      The hunter has suddenly become the hunted, and somehow, it is beginning to make sense. This is where we have found ourselves.
   These persons, our leaders hate us so much.
   Nigerians, how on earth did we actually get to this?

~Tobenna Obiano writes from the Island nation of St.Lucia

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