1. It's always better not to trek alone. Research                     
has shown that trekking alone seem to be more
cumbersome, so if possible find a trekking

2. When trekking in group, no member should
decide to leave the rest while on the road to take
a bike no matter how tired he or she is. If you
must do so, then you must sponsor others bike

3. When you're seriously trekking probably from
Eziobodo Futo Rd. To Hall of Mercy and a friend on
a bike calls your attention to hail you, silently pray
for thunder to silently fire the individual. If you're
on a bike and see a friend trekking, please desist
from calling the attention because you'll end up
hurting someone's feelings.

4. Bike Men in FUTO carry two passengers at a
time so if you're new to the community and
experience this, you're advised not to feel
embarassed. This warning goes especially to the
ladies. The standard sitting arrangement when a
guy and a Girl is involved is the Girl first, then the

5. Trekking long distances in the morning isn't
advisable because you'll end up sweating
profusely in the lecture hall. Trekking from Glo
Lodge area in Eziobodo to Workshop is acceptable
but trekking from Fair Gene lodge to 750 Cap is
suicide! Trekking from Ihiagwa to School anytime
is genocide!!

6. If you're a guy and you're customarily trekking
back to your lodge after lectures probably by
2pm when the sun is at its peak (That kinda sun
that goes straight to the Cerebrum to eventuate a
disarray deep down in the brain cells), pls choose
your words wisely if you're to woo the nearest
trekking girl because the Sun affects them the
most. Sun and Weavons on the scalp don't
exactly get along too well.

7. Trekking back to lodge is the most common
form of trekking in FUTO. Don't be shy when
doing so, because when you look around you,
you'll notice you're not alone. Trek smart! Trek
with confidence!!

8. After trekking back to your lodge after lectures,
please bathe at once. . It's healthy. Some go just
come back lie down for bed with all the dust like
say sun sedate them.

9. While trekking, try not to spend more than you
should've spent on bike on roadside junk chaw
and the rest.. Hehe! Who has tasted that
Eziobodo Futo rd N50 Egg roll?? The sweet taste
could make you cum.

10. Please trek less during exam periods, it isn't
But some people sabi trek shaa. . I tag some
kinda trekking 'Power-trekking.' They go dey trek
enter school still first you wey enter bike reach
school. . It can pain. Some go dress like Burna
Boy finish still dey trek. Oboy na road work? Some
girls go dey trek under Hot sun still dey catwalk
ontop. Aunty you think say na red carpet???


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