While many have joined the bandwagon of critics that flaunts their disdain towards the statement made by David Cameron, I have decided to analyze the statement critically to understand the truism of both concept Fantastically and Corrupt.

The word fantastically has its antonym as wonderfully extraordinarily, of course we all know what corruption means, Although I dispute the fact that this statement originates from the very colonizers of Nigeria who laid the foundation for this messy situation.

Its like the ironical statement of a pot calling a kettle black, a father casting aspersion on the mom for the waywardness of his child, when a child is good its his fathers, but bad he becomes his mothers.
Well I do not blame David Cameron he only reacted from a what Chimamanda called a "single story syndrome".

Our President's comments about this country during one of his numerous foreign trips would have served as a booster of some sort,we make international headlines with our fantastical story of corruption, we make mockery of the rule of law,justice and democracy all to the display of the entire world.

A country where our legislative chambers has been turned to a wrestling arena, only strong fighters emerge victorious, scaling fence is a norm, a country that was founded on greed and exploitative tendency, a country that has no vision for its youths, a country that salvage its lost for power with human lives, a country of marginalization, insecurity, and impoverished persons, a country at the brink of dividing, a country where terrorism, hate and ethnic rivalry has eaten deep into its citizens, just to mention but a few.

David Cameron only sited corruption,well that just a version of our ugly story, 

But yet its not a story for him to tell, just like Muhammadu Buhari said we do not need apology, let them return our repatriated funds that have been looted out, at least it would serve as a consolation .

Nigeria will be Better 

Me and My thought.

Prince Henry writes from Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka

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