Nigeria is a country blessed with abundant natural and human resources which are largely untapped and this has led to the high level of unemployment and youth restiveness prevalent in this Country. Our various Governments and some well-meaning Individuals have often employed various methods of youth empowerment which are usually aimed at Poverty Alleviation but the Ifeanyi Ubah’s Signature Model is aimed at Poverty Eradication. I  called it 'EUREKA'  a greek word,which means 'i have found' because  i have found a unique model of youth empowerment in our country which is a break from the norm.
         I will write on some of his major activities which I have studied carefully


    The first is his foray into the Nigerian Sports sector. In a time when many local Football clubs are folding up due to financial constraints and other challenges and with the huge popularity and followership foreign football leagues like (ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP, UEFA CHAMPOINS LEAGUES, LA LIGA ETC) enjoy in the Country, only very Courageous and Patriotic persons would muster such uncommon courage to invest in a venture that is full of risks and uncertainties in terms of profit. He took a very bold and risky business decision to invest heavily into football by buying Gabros International, now IFEANYI UBAH FC, a local football club based in Nnewi, Anambra state of Nigeria.  

Anambra Warriors Football Pitch

     He didn’t stop at just buying a football club; he decided to build a standard stadium for the team where the home-based matches will be played. This would ensure that the team and her fans had a permanent location for all her home matches and he also didn’t stop there, he decided to expand this great project on a 38 hectare of land that would include a 5 star hotel which would be the best hotel in Anambra state and the only 5 star hotel in the state upon completion, an international conference center, and a shopping mall.

Ongoing Construction of the 5 STAR HOSTEL

       The second component of this project is the establishment of a World Class Football Academy whose Training center is being constructed on a 200 hectare area of Land in Nnewi,Anambra State. The Football Academy is going to be different in the sense that it would be a place where the football dreams of the youths of the state and the country would come to a reality, in this regard he has partnered with the football academy of WESTHAM FC, who owns the Best Football Academy in the world and are the principal partners in this project. 

      The academy will also have a language school where in the young footballers in the Academy will learn English, Igbo, Spanish, French, Portuguese,etc. the languages of the biggest football Nations in the world, so that they could easily interact when they get signed in any of these Countries; and for the foreign players that would be coming to the academy, the language school will afford them the opportunity of learning our own languages so that they can interact with us easily… Now tell me isn’t this unique?  The site is also going to host a Games Village where Sports like Golf, Tennis, Basketball etc with State of the Art Sporting facilities.

        He’s also planning Assembling Plant for Agricultural Machinery and a Night market.

       He hopes to raise as many “Ronaldos” and “MESSIs” as he can from Anambra state; that explains why he contested and won the Anambra State FA Chairmanship position, and has recently unveiled his football ‘Made in Anambra Project’ and the ‘One Family, One Footballer Project’. To read more about this kindly CLICK HERE
        It’s very essential that we all key into this project and stop been skeptical. This is for us and this wonderful development has come to stay,  FC IFEANYI UBAH is already an International brand and as we speak, four Brazilians are currently playing in that team, you could support them by going to watch their matches both home and away because that is the only way to grow our own league and diversify our economy from oil in order to Create and Keep Jobs.

    This is a wonderful development for the great and highly talented youths of this country, who go through a lot in the hands of fraudulent agents and some foreign illegal academies who extort money from these young footballers and subject them to dehumanizing conditions in Foreign countries. The Ifeanyi Ubah football Academy will give them the opportunity to realize their dreams right in their own country, with the best of facilities and give them the rare opportunity of playing football and schooling at the same time.

  At the completion of this project, this will not only attract Tourists and other investors to the state. It will bring Anambra state and Nigeria to the spotlight. This country has always been a nation known for Excellence in Sports and its high time we reclaimed our lost glory and set new World records.

    Ifeanyi Ubah like you already know is the Publisher of Authority Newspaper, a fast selling popular newspaper in Nigeria. Aside from the fact that the newspaper has some hundreds of persons in its payroll, The publisher is planning something bigger that would be very beneficial to this country especially during this period of economic hardship.

      He is planning to recruit about 780 persons in one day. The plan is to employ ‘one person per local government area’ in the country. Now this persons, would be selling Authority Newspapers in Custom built stands and would be trained to also give factual reports and news happening within their local government as it happens. This he hopes will boost the online presence of Authority Newspapers and bring the latest information to Nigerians within the shortest possible time.

    This will encourage fact-based journalism and create jobs for our teeming Unemployed youths in the country. This plan when implemented would not only create jobs, but would also be of immense benefit to these persons because they would be trained on how to use the NEW MEDIA effectively.

       To be continued next week…

      Thanks for your time and Patience in reading this piece.

-Fidel Okechukwu writes from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka; a Student, Youth activist, who works with Media911 (an online based Media and Entertainment company) based in Awka.
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