The Faculty of Engineering is one that is feared by many and approached by the only the courageous. The thought of studying Engineering scares so many people away because of its rigorous nature. This is the reason behind it's being populated by more serious minded men, compared to the ladies.

 It is largely seen as a Faculty of Men.

We have got Brains in every field of specialisation, but when we talk about Brains in Engineering, it's one with class. Topping the faculty of Engineering is not an easy task to surmount as hard and dedicated work are of utmost expectation.

Such can be said of this young man by name NNODIM KELVIN CHIEBUKA, a recent graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, of the great Faculty of Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Anambra State. 

He graduated with FIRST CLASS HONOURS  with a CPGA of 4.62/5.0; 

This is a record breaking feat and one that has not been achieved in the Faculty of Engineering, especially in this our time.

In an interview section with him, he said 

"I thank God specially for this feat I have achieved, because I'm an epitome of God's grace. His grace alone has brought me this far in my academic pursuit. I lived my life like every other normal student and participated in every activity like my other colleagues. I'm very sociable and indulged in extra-curricular activities as organised by the faculty and the school at large. The sense of multi tasking helped me so well during my schooling days, as I apportioned my time very continously. I had at the back of my mind that, there was time for everything."

He was seconded closely by another Engineer from the same Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. 

He is OBINANI  VICTOR CHIDIMIKE, who graduated with FIRST CLASS HONOURS, with an average grade point of CPGA 4.60/5.0.
It is believed that geniuses can be readily spotted out, in different specialisations, but a genius in Mechanical Engineering is indeed a rare one to come by. They have written their names in the book of history and on the sands of time.
We send a warm Congratulations to them, on the feat they have attained. 

 Go forth and change the world for us! Radiate the star in you!!

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