' My vision is to make this University one of the TOP 500 Universities in the World and the best in Nigeria.'
These where the words of the Vice Chancellor during the matriculation ceremony which took place today,

  We are harnessing all the resources within and outside the University to achieve this goal.We have a couple of programs which we have put in place to aid our students,such as the Students Work Aid Scheme where students put in eight hours of work weekly will earn 10,000 monthly,

   We have Improved our Hostels with well equipped common rooms with Dstv facilities and improved facilities.We have also secured Accreditation for all our Professional courses and Established linkages with 18 World Renowned Universities in America,Asia and Europe and 6 local Universities in Nigeria,The Aim is to make our Institution a World Class University at the end of our five year tenure.

May I draw your Attention to some of your responsibilities in this University as a student,you owe certain obligations to yourself, your parents and the University;

     These are summarised below;

1)paying your School Fees at the Right time to enable the university maintain existing Infrastructure and provide new ones

 2)75% Attendance to all lectures and practicals

3)Examination Misconduct can fetch any erring student up to three years or expulsion in some cases,also candidates with forged certificates are advised to pack their Bags and leave the school.

 4)Cultism is an anathema in this University.this school has been electrified  with the Holy Spirit,you are advised to submit yourself for cleansing if you are already a cultist,also other deviant behaviors arent tolerated in this university such as robbery,rape, internet fraud etc.

  We do hope you have a wonderful and successful stay in this University.

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