This is a what we could coin out from an interview section with an observer,who was present during the seating of the legislators of the Students Representative Council (SRC) UNIZIK on the said day. This should disprove all other versions of this story that has been up.
 It was exactly 7 days before the eagerly awaited 1st ever students summit on December 11, 2015; as the Honorable members representing their various departments in the Students Representative Council (SRC) expressed their joyful feelings seeing each other converging once again for their usual sitting; but this time, the first for the 2015/2016 session.
Meanwhile the legislators of the SUG had to wait for about an hour and 23 minutes, before the meeting commenced, which was initially slated for 3pm that day. Not far from the normal, the legislator hung around patiently in different fractions and groups, though some others were already seated at the Law Faculty Moot court as expected.

The seating finally begun, with the mace bearer leading the procession and was followed closely by the speaker, alongside his deputy. The speaker Rt. Hon. Nnamani Nzube presided the seating, stating the agenda for the day which included
  • The Student's Impact Summit, Magazine Production
  • Constitution review
  • The SRC valedictory session among others; as the seating was suppose to be the penultimate for the 2014/2015 tenure of the SRC

With a lot having been discussed and the proceedings being recorded by the acting clerk for the day Hon.David, since the Chief clerk and his Deputy Hon. Njoku Victor and Hon. Igbodiegwu Gloria respectively, were unavoidably absent.

The dark hours of the day crept in like an adventurous tortoise. Meanwhile, the then Chief Whip of the House, Hon. Ejemegwa Isaac, whose childish and unmannerly attitude was becoming unbearable by the members of the house. Hence, the then Hon.Isaac was suspended by the speaker till further notice in concordance with natural justice.

The enigmatic of the PHCN was not left out of the scene as there was a power failure about 7.02pm; but the ever improvising students of UNIZIK immediately lighted up the place using their smart phones; all that's to Android. However, the sitting continued as usual and just 5 minutes later, the power was restored. Yet again, there was an outright power failure about 7.31pm; by this time the house was already enraged by the prolonged sitting, recalcitrance of the already suspended Honorable member, who has blatantly refused to leave the sitting after he had been asked to, coupled with other issues of personal interest.

Suddenly, a figure in an all white native attire and a fitted black cap on his head, was seen 'wittingly' maneuvering its way through the seats and laying its hands on the symbol of authority of the house 'The Mace'. It abruptly made away with it in the darkness of the environment. He was spontaneously followed by the always conscious speaker and other Honorable members of the house; the hall which had about 26 persons, comprising 7 observers and 19 legislators was left with nobody.

It was about 20 meters race from the moot court, as the white figure jumped over the hurdles of the hall's step and that of the protector that led to the faculty's corridor. The race of about 6seconds came to a halt at the main entrance of the Law Faculty Building, as the white figure couldn't scale through the last iron protector, that was half closed. Hon. Buchi, representing the Dept. of Political science, was then seen on the floor, lying helpless, after he had been badly hit by the protector, and staggered  through the steps, badly injured around his eyes with fractured bones. The mace was left lying convincingly at arms length afar athlete whose white clothe was stained with droplets of blood. The mace was later retrieved by the Speaker

A tricycle was immediately called upon to rush Hon.Buchi to the School's Medical centre. History has it that, this same young man, attempted to make away with the mace during the then president's impeachment saga, some 5 months back; but was smartly averted by the Chief clerk, who had a firm grip on the mace, that was placed on his table of records.

The fracas was made obvious as some Honorable members attempted to exchange punches, but the sound of bullets in the air by one of the ever alerted UNIZIK security men, prompted the disappearance of everyone leaving just the speaker, his deputy and an observer.
The chief security Officer and his team, came to the scene and brought the situation under control.


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  1. Truth be told, the way student politicians especialy the law makers are doin dia things now ehn, Nigeria is in trouble oh. If we don't change positively now that we are still in d skool politics,its gonna have a very big toll on the Nation later in the Future as UNiZIK seems to be producing more of such student politicians... God help Us


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