This post will look at a variety of winning football betting systems and will consider how easy they are to run and how profitable they are likely to be.

Each system will require you to have an account already open with one of the online bookies so that you can place the bet.

Without wasting our time lets dive into the real thing.

First Of All, Test Out Your Betting On Paper
Before any real money is risked at a bookie, it is very sensible for a punter to test out the system for a while on paper before actually taking the plunge.  Keep a record of how you do after each game and then after 20 or so games, you will have an idea about whether or not these football betting systems are for you or not.
Use a notebook to identify the matches that you would bet on and note what your stake and winnings / losses would be.

Betting Based On Value Offered By Bookies
This system does not rely on a detailed knowledge of the particular teams involved in the game, instead, it requires a good look at the relevant statistics and the odds of being offered by the bookies.
The bookies will offer odds based upon their own assessment of the likely outcome of the game.
In this system, we are betting on which team will win or draw (the win – draw – win market).

0.5 OR 1.5 Goals Per Match In Football Betting System
You don’t need to determine what the result of the game will be or what the final score will be. This strategy is simply trying to spot with games are likely to have at least a goal in the match. To win with this football betting system, you simply need to be confident that the match will not end in a 0-0 draw.

The system is simple, but as with all football betting systems, some discipline is required. As a result of its simplicity and high success rate, the profits are not all that high, but a system, which regularly wins a little is better than one with loses a lot!


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