GET UP AND WORK By Precious Kc George

"Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward --Victor Kiam"

Everyday holds new challenges which later leads to more victories. Those victories come when we get up and work.

Cease to be a spectator in your  own life,  do not sit on the sideline planning, thinking but never fully doing. Follow through your thoughts and ideas.

Today, choose to believe in and get involved, fully connect to  your calling and passion in life, pursue it everyday despite the distractions in your life and in spite of any perceived limitation.

Decide to live far beyond  past excuses or any past regrets, determine to find a way or make a way, choose to be unstoppable in pursuit of your dream.
Beware of negative self talks, oftentimes  our worst enemy is self,  don't give voice to that negative feeling, you are a masterpiece,God created you for a unique divine purpose that only you can fulfil. Even your fingerprints can't be duplicated!

All you have is now. Get up and work towards it.

Think positive, Dream high.

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