Serious Riot And Bloodshed In ABA, Between Traders And Task Force

Reports from eye witness said..
There has been a serious fight between traders and the government Task Force of the state;who came into the market two days ago and said they had orders from the sitting governor to bring down shops/small spaces which are NOT‎ in the market building.

The traders all disagreed that such A thing wont happen and that if their shops were brought down;how would they do their businesses??

So the Task force men still insisted and went on to destroy the shops;hence the traders couldnt bear it anymore and burnt the car which the task force men came with(Camry)…
So just this morning;the task force men came for their own revenge with arms and started shooting in the market place;cutting whomever was seen on sight with their knives and that was how the whole fight started all over again…the Traders now retaliated back and that was how the whole continous shooting,breaking of bottle,burning of th‎ings at sight,bl**d etc commenced…

Attached are small pics i was able to take before una hear “stories that‎ touch”.

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