Hate can be so Powerful and big sometimes, and many times we feel hopeless and helpless.

We don’t give in and let hate change us into hateful beings… because THAT is how hate wins.
Learn to love.
How do we fight hate when it has so much power to destroy?

We build our soul-muscles so that when painful days come, we have strong legs to stand upon, powerful backs that carry us in hard times, hands that are roughened from helping one another, knees calloused from being on them often, eyes focused on seeing goodness, ears trained to recognize truth, hearts that hope and believe that though there is great darkness, there is more than enough light left in humanity…more than enough courage and bravery…more than enough desire and willingness and determination to create and preserve and defend peace on this precious planet.

For today…let’s be good to each other. Let’s show each other extra love and patience. In our own little corners of the world, let’s step up and be the comforters, the encouragers, the helpers, the ones who show up, the peace-makers, the love-spreaders, the brave ones who choose and create and fight for love and peace.

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