1ST INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR THE DAY! Wisdom speaks louder than knowledge!

1) Never mind how rich your true friends are when compared with you,
but how much & often they care about you! NDJP

2) Seek from God the GRACE & the PACE to begin & be able to finish a
RACE that will make you a hero [or heroine] in the eyes of the entire
POPULACE: you won't culminate in DISGRACE if you move with HIS GRACE!

3) Fall in love with someone who gives you joy both when he/she is
present & when he/she is absent, & never someone who hardly gives you
joy when he/she is present, talk of when he/she is absent. NDJP

4) To know if people around you are your true friends, don't only
observe their attitudes when they've noticed your presence, but mostly
when they have not noticed your presence. NDJP

5) Make your life to become more real, have time to show people around
you that you've the zeal: don't care about what people who do not know
diddly about your ways say concerning you! NDJP

 Stop saying that God didn't bless you just because you're having
financial challenges... You may be losing focus of a divine gift
instilled in you by God, which may be the source of your financial

since: 14/10/14

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