After reading an inspirational piece shared by a friend on a group in
Whatsapp on the night of 10th October, 2015, inspirations started
flooding through my mind, I tried to ditch them but I couldn't: you
know, I was already jerking like a drug addict starved of his best for
some days, itches all over me --was in a state of unrest. A hoarse
voice saying thunderously to me, "you must write them down, by force,
not by choice!" "This is serious!" I said musefully. Anyway, that
wasn't the first time I experienced that; but that night was the first
time I was so stubborn to the advice from my Muse, making him to be
annoyed to the ambit that he coerced me into doing what he desires of
me. I have no choice, breaking a mirror neither kills the image nor
the object.

I later gave in to what my Muse was communing with my mind, and I
came up with these bywords:

»People may take me to be different, maybe because I'm not yet
prominent: evidently, I know I am one of them [those people endowed
with special, crucial, precious, and precocious abilities] because I
do not fake the qualities in me which are common to those of the
special and prodigious personalities. —NDJP

»How useless a bow would be without arrows; how meaningless happiness
would be if there weren't sorrows; how valueless true friends would be
if there weren't fake fellows: everything in life has what makes it
precious or what makes it obnoxious; what makes it valuable or what
makes it valueless. —NDJP

»Like a sword and shield in the hands of a brave warrior, so are pen
and paper in the hands of a destined writer. —NDJP

»If you work harder to discover what you can do better than others;
always doing it aright will make you to be outright greater and better
than others.  —NDJP

»Once God has decided to make you the overall winner in a competition,
He will keep those who are better than you away from being part of the
competition.  —NDJP

»Whoever is truly and earnestly seeking for PEACE must have seen or
known more than a lot about VIOLENCE. —NDJP

»You won't know the true value of bridges until when you would be
running to save your dear life, and you ran into a deep and wide
river, and you happened to be allergic to not only deep and wide
rivers, but to boats as well. —NDJP

»Failure earnestly MALTREATS those [who do not work hard in doing the
right things] and compels them to accept failing grades; but success
honestly ENTREATS those [who work hard in doing the right things
aright] to accept successful achievers' accolades.  —NDJP

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