Your life is a rare privilege and responsibility which you cannot shirk. Many times when we are affected by the adversities of life or other challenges,
we wonder about the value and meaning to life. We are so perturbed that we begin to ask why me. It is not right to react to the issues of our life in this way. It is perfectly normal to ask questions. But the questions we ask should be what and how and not why me. What and how questions of life evoke the spirit and desire to give service to fellow beings and society at large. Our life on earth is a rare privilege to serve. We cannot see it in another light and expect to be successful in life. If you wake up and realize you are now on this planet earth, your life would be best served when you make decisions along the following lines:

• I am life
• I am privileged
• I am rare
• It is only me that is me
• I must serve

When we view our lives on the mirror of service, we are automatic champions. We are instantly successful. And this is regardless of where we are coming from.
Poor family background is not an excuse for poverty. In fact, it has been known to be the greatest propeller for success for many of the world’s greats. Rich family background is not a guarantee for success in life. In fact, we know countless number of cases where family wealth had become an impediment to the success of the posterity of the family. When we set out in life serving others, we end up being their masters. Those you serve depend on you and sometimes surrender happily their wealth and sense of direction in life in your hands to do as you please. We have seen a lot of this in real life and in movies and
books to buttress this point.

The Saviour Jesus Christ gained all that his Father has by serving ordinary human beings even unto surrendering his own life. One of the ways we can see the
adversities of our lives with an eye leading to success is to see them as opportunities to move to the next level in life through service. Actually, it is strongly felt
that some adversities come to us if we overstay our welcome at a particular spot and are not involved in the dynamic project of service. The great Creator Himself instigates some events that disrupt our comfort zone so that we might march on to our glory through service and the way we respond to the events
occurring in our lives.

The challenge of living our lives in any other way other serving and claiming our God ordained glory is that we could end up in hell. And hell is when we look at the sunset of our lives and regret about the things we have done or have not done, especially of services not rendered or rendered poorly. Your lives challenges and adversities are the schools where you learn how to live on the earth by service. Your earth life is the school where you learn how to live in eternity with God, serving and praising Him. You are expected to pass your class promotion examinations to be
promoted to the next level and service is the examination, the homework and pretests you need to undergo on the route to your success.

See you at the top.

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