With final year projects making the waves in Unizik, UNIZIKMATA presents to you Another Team of Zikites that has assembled in same line of creativity to produce a made in Nigeria ELECTRIC POWER BIKE which they have named EBS ONE.


This team of Mechanical Engineering Students comprises of ONYEBUCHI CHINONSO, PAUL OVOKE, CHIKA PAUL, UDORA EDISON, NWAFOR PAULING, and from the department of
Electrical Engineering VICTOR IKEH TOCHUKWU.

The project (EBS ONE) has to do with having an electrical system in place of an Internal combustion engine of a motorcycle. This electrical system comprises mainly of; the batteries, a DC motor, the gear system, and an inverter. The batteries power the motor which in turn moves the gear to bring about the movement of the rear wheel. i.e batteries-> motor-> gear> rear wheel. The idea of this project is to reduce the dependence on fuel for motorcycles and  reduce ozone layer depletion by carbon compounds due to combustion of fuels.

They fabricated their own Chasis(skeleton). It has the shape of a modern day powerbike. They also made use of Solidworks application, Autodesk Inventor and Matlab for different simulations. Everything involving the project was done in the school's workshop. 

The power system comprises of a 12Volts 6Amps Battery, an Electric Motor and some other materials which were gotten.
Indeed, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka is really producing qualified and Competitive Engineers.
Paul Ovoke, One of the members of the group had this to say.

"It is realy Dream come through and we all thank the Almighty for making this project a Success."

He further added, when asked what was his drive saying, "I personally joined the Team because I have always wished to do something big and since our senior colleagues already set the pace by producing a Formula 1 car, it was a very big morale boost to venture into this.

 There were times I felt like why did God bring me here but a look at the AUTOZIK TEAM doing something big encouraged me and my team mates to work hard and make it work. The challenges were much though but help wasn't far fetched as we always had the support of Engr. Dr. Okonkwo Ugochukwu our supervisor, Engr. Dr. C. H. Achebe ( HOD of Mechanical Engineering Department), Engr. Nwosu of Industrial and Production Engineering Department and other lecturers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

I am proud of the lady in the Team too, Infact we are proud of her because she was so dedicated to the Job and her presence helped calm nerves when it was neccessary. 
I wish also to appreciate the Vice Chancellor Prof.  Joseph Ahaneku FAS".

Courtest of Media 911 crew

Serving you with the best.

More Projects coming soon....


  1. Waaaaaaawu!
    This is really great... Am really overwhelmed by the phenomenal outcomes of final year students of UNIZIK...
    I pray that God will continue to give these phenoms more inspirations, and to infect other students including myself with such a Grace to do greater and better...

  2. Whoa that fresh well just make sure it clean and polish and looks brand new


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