Nnamdi Azikiwe University popularly known as “unizik”, is one of the fastest growing universities in Nigeria, one of the schools with the fastest academic calendars, unlike other federal schools, the cost of living is low and it was the 3rd most sought-after school in JAMB according to statistics. It is nothing new to be heard, of how frustrated admission into tertiary schools could be.

I can imagine the anticipated look we give when we type in our Reg number in the admission status box to know if we have been admitted. Few may see, “congratulations on your admission” message and then scream and shout out load for the whole world to hear them—I know that feeling, while the rest that see, “ no admission yet” after countless trials may feel dismayed and when their parents ask them if the admission list is out they just say no.

To be frank, it sounds so painful to hear that your then classmates are now in their 300 or 400level while you are still in search of your own admission. You may feel like the whole world is on your shoulders, like all eyes are on you, like you are a no good but I’ve got a good news for you. Don’t feel that way. Each and every one of us have different paths to follow.

It will be so good to hear that after those trials and setbacks, you finally made it and then all these pains will become a thing of the past. so don’t let those itty-bitty stuff make you lose focus or sway you, but rather embolden you to work harder. Oh yes! I said there is an alternative right? Okay here it is. (Disclaimer) it's for only science students. GO FOR THE PRE-SCIENCE PROGRAMME! AKA PSP in short form.

You may ask, “ what is it all about?” it is a 6-month programme in which candidates who couldn’t make it directly through JAMB  go for;  in order to secure admission into the main campus in the course they desire. It is not like Diploma that runs for 2 years but as I said just for 6 months. They are myriad of advantages for why you should go for the programme. How much is it! Or is it free? It is not free and the payment or better yet tuition fee for the programme is #44k or #45k depending on your SSCE results  be it either WAEC or NECO or even GCE. Remember I said the payment fee depends on your SSCE result which means if you use only one result assuming only your WAEC result, you will have to pay just #44k but if assuming because you didn’t credit your math or English, and at such, you need to get your NECO result—which means using a combined result, then this means you will need to pay the sum of #45k a difference of #1000.

Before I delve into the advantages, let me highlight few things you ought to know.
You are required to pay in #8000 in any of the banks inside the school for a pin—an e-tranzact pin and then go fill the form online. NB: ONLY THE BANKS WITHIN THE SCHOOL.

Not less than 5000 candidates are admitted for this programme yearly—this shows how competitive it may be.
For candidates that are to apply for professional courses like medicine and surgery, pharmacy etc. only but 10 out of the whole numbers that applied gets to make it in—I know you can be among the number so don’t fret.
There are 6 courses offered in the programme. Courses like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, English, and geography.(you see why I said it's only for science students?)

There are 8 sophisticated and well-trained lectures on the various courses which entails that you get more ardent knowledge on those courses too. 
You wont need to write PUTME (if you like) but you will need to just pass your JAMB exam which is like a gateway for the PSP exam. NB: I suggest you do apply for PUTME as well which will then make it look like an alternative to you—you get to put your eggs on separate baskets.
That’s it. Now the advantages.

With the knowledge you get from the programme, it will come in handy when you get into the main campus as a fresher because 60% of what is being taught is what you will come across in your year 1 thereby making your year 1 seem like a walk through.
You get to test and keep abreast of how the campus life feels thus making it easier for you to get used to what I call, “fresher’s stress”.
It will help you prepare for the coming JAMB in a sublime fashion—who no wan pass JAMB?

*sighs* so there you have it. What are you waiting for? For those of you who after getting admitted for the programme, get to shout like a siren to their whole neighbourhood that they are in unizik, you got to work hard o. you know it will look somehow if they see you come back with your bags after 6 months with no admission then you will say,” I go learn work” in order to avoid this please work hard.

Ps:  The location where the programme is held I not in the main campus. It is in a different site, a palce called Mbaukwu aka MBK. This was done to make you know that you are not yet an undergraduate of unizik but an intending undergraduate.

No matter the negative sort of news you may have heard concerning this proramme, just know that there are a million success stories that can clear that beclouded mind of yours. I was once a pre-science student and I am a living proof of the proramme. So If I and so many others could make it, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t. I look forward to seeing you as a full fledged Zikite. See you at the top.
You could also grab a copy of my book “success flight” which is coming soon for more and all there is to know to succeed during your stay for the programme. For e-readers the ebook is coming soon by His grace. So Watch out!

For any question(s) in respect to this, don’t hesitate to drop your comment here or on our facebook page
You could also reach me via the following channels by calling/sending text to +2347066117944 or email me  God bless you and have a wonderful day. See you at the top. PKG

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