Is it calculated by the length of your hair,or the height of your heels? Is it by the clothes you wear or by the level of masculine attention you command? Is it measured by the tone of your voice or by your dainty or delicate mannerism?
It seems women all over the world are on a frenzied quest to define or redefine what feminity is just by their appearance.

As the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. However, true feminity goes beyond outward appearance to the state of the soul and the spirit. It reflects on that confident and serene sence of  dignity and worth a woman possesses when she has found her place in God. This woman refuses to be robbed by false concept and ideologies peddled by the world.

Despite the myriad of lies of the entertainment, fashion and media industries, the undeniable truth is that authentic feminity cannot be discovered outside the one who designed the woman from the beggining. Where are the  Esthers of this generation

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