The famous word mentioned by Jesus. This is translated in the bible to mean, ‘be opened!’ This was said to the deaf man who had a speech impediment. Jesus did this while preaching and seeing someone in need of healing, filled with compassion healed the person, irrespective of his ‘denomination’ or ‘race’ or ‘colour’, because unlike we human beings Jesus doesn’t feel pity towards us but he instead shares in our pain and suffering.

St Paul mentioned that the church forms one body and if one part is sick the entire body is affected and can’t function properly, therefore, there is no way that we, who are made in God’s own image and likeness, we who are his body would suffer and our Lord Jesus Christ will sit and do nothing, if we are in pain, he also is in pain, he is ready and ever willing to alleviate our pain, if only we believe and have faith.

The deaf man with a speech impediment had faith, he didn’t move from one church to the other or one prophet to the other but he had faith that Jesus would heal him and he did.

Ephphata! We who are spiritually deaf to hear the word of God and spiritually deaf to speak it, our ears and tongue ‘ephphata’ to hear and preach the word of God and to understand that his time is always the best whenever we are suffering.

‘Fear not’, which is mentioned 365 times in the bible in one way or the other, Christ is telling us every day that we should not be afraid, because our pain is his pain, our suffering is his suffering and if we should remain steadfast in our faith, in his time he will help us.
Let us now go home with this message that every day God is encouraging each and every one of us and telling us that we should ‘fear not’ because he is and will always be with us if only we believe and ‘ephphata’ to him.

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