With the SUG election around the corner, our recent survey has it that these could be the likely candidates that could head the Student's Government for the 2015/2016 session.
In an interview with HAMPO OBINNA,this is what he has got to say.

Unizik Mata- Can we know you?

Obinna- My name is Hampo Obinna, was a 200l student of civil engineering buh now 300l, am a member of the students executive council, also a majority leader


Unizik Mata -SUG is the highest point of government that speaks for the students, what do you plan achieving if you finally get there...

Obinna- Am already in the government, and am aware of the difficulties students face, My aim is to make sure the students rights are not trampled upon and also providing the students with a conducive environment for learning

Unizik Mata -I believe you are aware of the pains students go through, how do you plan to help them? 

Obinna- I have made researches, and concluded that students are deprived of their rights, especially in allocation of scores and grades. For example, the faculty of engineering, this is quite visible, so i plan to invite govt officials to defend the students

Unizik Mata -The previous administration faced turbulent times, and we all know about the results, how do you plan to create a relationship with the school administration

Obinna- Everyone has his or her own aim, mine is unity, I want to unify the different groups. I believe in dialogue, sitting down and talking things over that keeps bond lasting for long, all we need to do is to have a reasonable discussion with other leaders...

Unizik Mata -Other posts you've held???

Obinna- Member and majority leader of the students executive council...

Unizik Mata -Your hobbies

Obinna- Love watching movies most especially seasonal! Love cycling and singing

Thank You for your time..
More interviews coming soon, stay tuned.

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