Nnamdi Azikiwe University terminates I, demotes 3 and mets out various punishments to 4 others.
In a bid to rid the University of all forms of misconduct by staff, the University Administration has terminated the appointment of one lecturer, demoted three lecturers and metted out various forms of punishment on four others. This action is as a result of the Report of the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee on Investigation on sharp practise in the Faculty of Engineering. In considering the Report, the University Management took the following decisions.
1. Termination – One lecturer (name withheld) in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering had his appointment terminated for manipulating examination answer scripts which includes frivolous award of unmerited, alterations and mutilation found on ECE 382 in the 2012/2013 academic session. Therefore the said lecturer is found guilt of gross misconduct, inability to perform the functions of his office as a lecturer.
2. Other three lecturers were demoted
a. A lecturer I in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering was demoted to lecturer II.
b. Another Senior lecturer in the same department was found guilty and then demoted to Lecturer I.
c. A lecturer I in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering was demoted to Lecturer II.
The above lecturers were being penalized for various offences which include alteration of marks, awarding marks indiscriminately, inability to submit students’ attendance list and lack of marking schemes.
Other affected are as follows:
a. A Technologist I in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering was directed to refund N50, 000 extorted from students.
b. Another was found guilty of extortion of money from students to buy consumables in the laboratory for practicals. He was ordered to refund N200, 000 to students.
c. A Chief Works Superintendent in the Department of Industrial/Production Engineering. He collected N500 each from students for practicals contrary to established regulation. He was found guilty and ordered to be redeployed back to the Works Department. He had earlier refunded the extorted money.
In metting out these punishments the University Administration has once more reaffirmed its determination to deal decisively with all cases of misconduct. Staff of the University are advised to carry out their assigned duties with a high sense of responsibility to assist the growth of the University.

Director, Information and Public Relations/ Chief Protocol Officer
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

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