The National Space Research and DevelopmentAgency (NASRDA) has said that Nigeria will experience lunar eclipse tomorrow.

In a statement, Head Media and Corporate Commissions of the agency, Dr. Felix Ale, said that the lunar eclipse will be visible in all the various locations in the country from 1.11am with 
total eclipse at 3:47 am and end by 6.22am.

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According to him, the agency has no special arrangement for the public to view the astronomical event at the Space Centre in line with its tradition due to the time of occurrence this time around.
The agency however called on all Nigerians especially those who love to observe the beauty of nature to feel free to observe the natural occurrence which will begin at 1.11am, and be at its maximum at 3. 47am and end at 6.22am.

The NASRDA spokesman also dismissed the on-going speculation in some quarters that the lunar eclipse will last for two weeks, saying it will only be observed within five hours and eleven minutes
in the early hours of tomorrow.

Dr. Ale explained that, the eclipse which is also called the blood moon will be observed in some
regions around the world. These include Europe, South/East Asia, Africa,North America, South America, the Pacific,Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arabic and the Antarctica.
The agency advised the public not to panic but torelish the view of this natural occurrence and go about their normal activities as it is just natural...

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