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2016 Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries’ Students, UK
Provided by:
 UK Department for International Development (DFID), United Kingdom
Courses: Master’s, PhD and split-site (PhD) Degree Program Subjects: All subject areas available at UK universities
Eligible Students: Developing Commonwealth Countries
Application Deadline 19 November 2015
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Tags: 2016academic scholarshipsdeveloping countriesFeaturedMaster'sPhDscholarshipsSeptember Week 1UKUpdated Scholarships

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships for International Students in Japan, 2016
Provided by:
 Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation
Courses: Undergraduate, Master and PhD Degree Programs Subjects:
Eligible Students: International Students (Non Japanese)
Application Deadline 16 October 2015
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Tags: 2016FeaturedGraduateInternationalJapanMaster'sNewsletter TanzaniaPhDscholarships,September Week 1UndergraduateUpdated Scholarships

Johns Hopkins University Online Course On Getting & Cleaning Data
Provided by: Johns Hopkins University with Coursera
Courses: Online Course Subjects: Getting & Cleaning Data
Eligible Students: Worldwide Students
Application Deadline Course will start from September 7
Apply Now
Tags: CourseraUniversity MOOC

Graduate Positions for International Students at Hanyang University in Korea, 2016
Provided by:
 Hanyang University, Korea
Courses: MSc, or MSc/PhD (combined) or PhD Research Program Subjects: Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Cancer Biology and Computational Biology.
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 14-23 September 2015
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Tags: 20152016April Week 2 (II)Fully FundedGraduateKoreaMasterMScPhDresearchSeptember Week 1Student ScholarshipsUpdated Scholarships

IRO Doctoral Scholarship Programme for Developing Countries in Belgium, 2016-2017
Provided by:
 Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Courses: PhD Degree Program
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline November 9th 2015
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Tags: 20162017Belgiumdeveloping countriesDOCTORALEngineeringFeaturedHumanitiesresearch,ScholarshipScienceSeptember Week 1Social SciencesStudent ScholarshipsUpdated Scholarships

2016 Excellence Scholarships for Master’s Degree Programme at Leiden University, Netherlands
Provided by:
 Leiden University, Netherlands
Courses: Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 1 October 2015 and 1 February 2016
Apply Now
Tags: 2016FeaturedInternationalLawLeiden UniversityMaster'sNetherlandsScholarshipScholarship OpportunitiesSeptember Week 1Updated Scholarships

JMC Academy International Student Scholarship in Australia, 2016 
Provided by: JMC Academy, Australia
Courses: Trimesters of Study Program Subjects: Multiple Courses
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 9 October, 2015
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Tags: 2016AustraliaInternationalScholarship

World Bank Online Course On Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Policies
Provided by: World Bank Group
Courses: Online Course Subjects: Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency Policies
Eligible Students: Worldwide
Application Deadline October 20, 2015 for first session and April 19, 2016 for second.
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016energyonline courseworld bank

Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achiever’s Scholarship for International Students in Australia, 2016 
Provided by: Charles Darwin University, Australia
Courses: Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: International students
Application Deadline 30 October 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AustraliaCharles Darwin UniversityInternationalPostgraduateUndergraduate

Wigh Fellowships for International Students at Harvard University in USA, 2016-2017 
Provided by: Volkswagen Foundation (Germany)
Courses: Residential Fellowship Subjects: Mutiple Subjects
Eligible Students: International students (especially from outside Europe and North America)
Application Deadline December 15, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20162017Harvard UniversityInternationalUSA

University of Pisa Scholarships for Master Risk Management (MRM) Program, 2016 
Provided by: University of Pisa, Italy
Courses: Masters Program Subjects: Risk Management
Eligible Students: Italian and International Students
Application Deadline 25 September 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016InternationalItalyManagementMasterScholarship

Merieux Research Grants for International Applicants, 2016 
Provided by: Merieux Institute
Courses: Research Program Subjects: Infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, nutrition, food and water safety.
Eligible Students: All Countries
Application Deadline September 24, 2015.
Apply Now
Tags: 2016GRANTSresearch

Charles M. Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering International Scholarship Program in USA, 2016
Provided by:
 Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), National Academy of Engineering (US) and Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Courses: Graduate degree programme Subjects:
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline October 15, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20162017DOCTORALEngineeringGraduateInternationalMaster'sscholarshipsSeptember Week 1Updated ScholarshipsUSA

Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships in UK, 2016
Provided by:
 The Pershing Square Foundation, United Kingdom
Courses: Oxford 1+1 MBA Programme Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: UK and International Applicants
Application Deadline 18 March 2016
Apply Now
Tags: 2016February ScholarshipsFully FundedGraduateInternationalMBAMScscholarshipsSeptember Week 1UKUNIVERSITY OF OXFORD

QUT Deputy Vice-Chancellor Top-Up Scholarships for Postgraduate Research in Australia, 2016
Provided by:
 Queensland university of Technology, Australia
Courses: Postgraduate Research Program Subjects: Business, Creative Industries, Education, Health, Law, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI), Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q), Science and Engineering and Institute for Future Environments
Eligible Students: Australian and International Students
Application Deadline 30 September 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AustraliaHealthInternationalLawPostgraduateQueensland University of Technologyresearch,scholarshipsSeptember Week 1

ANU Online Course On Astrophysics
Provided by: Australian National University and edX
Courses: Online Course Subjects: Astrophysics
Eligible Students: Worldwide students
Application Deadline Course will start from 15th September 2015.
Apply Now
Tags: AstronomyEdXonline coursephysicsUniversity MOOC

UPV Online Course For Learning Spanish
Provided by: Technical University of Valencia and edX
Courses: Online Course Subjects: Learning Spanish
Eligible Students: Worldwide Students
Application Deadline Course will start from September 15.
Apply Now
Tags: Languageonline courseUniversity MOOC

Open University MOOC On Science of Nutrition
Provided by: Open University and Future Learn
Courses: Online Course Subjects: Science of Nutrition
Eligible Students: Worldwide Students
Application Deadline Starts September 21, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: healthMOOCnutritionUniversity MOOC

University of Bergen Free Online Course On Climate Change
Provided by: University of Bergen and Future Learn
Courses: Online Course Subjects: Climate Change
Eligible Students: Worldwide Students
Application Deadline Start from September 21, 2015.
Apply Now
Tags: online courseUniversity MOOC

Kennedy Center International Spring Internships For Arts Professionals In USA, 2016
Provided by: The Kennedy Center
Courses: Internship Subjects: Fundraising, Marketing, Education, Programming, IT, Production Management, Institutional Affairs, Washington National Opera, National Symphony Orchestra.
Eligible Students: International students are eligible.
Application Deadline October 31, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016ArtsInternationalManagementMarketingUSA

Millennium Development Scholarship for International Students in UK, 2016 
Provided by: UWE Bristol, United Kingdom
Courses: Postgraduate or Masters Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 31 October 2015
Apply Now
Tags: InternationalMaster'sPostgraduateScholarshipUKUWE Bristol

ACI Foundation Graduate Scholarships for International Students, 2016-2017 
Provided by: ACI Foundation
Courses: Graduate Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline October 18, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016ArchitectureEngineeringGraduateInternationalScholarship

Ruth Dobson Scholarship for International Students at Australian National University, 2016 
Provided by: The Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD), Australia
Courses: Master Program Subjects: Diplomacy
Eligible Students: International Student (citizen of a country in Latin America, Europe, Asia, North America or the Middle East)
Application Deadline 30 October, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AsiaAustraliaEuropeInternationalMaster'sUSA

TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Mexico, 2015
Provided by:
 TWAS and The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT)
Courses: Postdoctoral Research Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Developing Countries
Application Deadline 15 September 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016developing countriesFellowshipMexicoNatural SciencesPostdoctoralresearch,September Week 1Updated Scholarships

CASBS Residential Fellowship Program at Stanford University in USA, 2016/2017 
Provided by: Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS), Stanford University (United States of America)
Courses: Residential Fellowship Program Subjects: Anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology as well as scholars from a wide range of humanistic disciplines, education, linguistics and the biological, natural, and health sciences
Eligible Students: International Scientists and Scholars
Application Deadline November 6, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: EconomicsFellowshipInternationalPsychologySociologyStanford UniversityUSA

Chancellor’s International Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in UK, 2016
Provided by: University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Courses: Postgraduate Taught Program Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 2 May 2016
Apply Now
Tags: 2016InternationalPostgraduatescholarshipsSeptember Week 1UKUniversity of SussexUpdated Scholarships

Victoria Doctoral Scholarships for New Zealand and International Students in New Zealand, 2016
Provided by:
 Victoria University, New Zealand
Courses: Doctoral Degree Program Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: New Zealand and International Students
Application Deadline 1 November 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016Annual ScholarshipsDOCTORALFeaturedInternationalNew ZealandscholarshipsSeptember Week 1Updated ScholarshipsVictoria University

SPDC Joint Venture University Scholarship Award Scheme in Nigeria, 2015 
Provided by: The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited
Courses: First Degree Programme Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: Nigerian Citizens
Application Deadline 18th September, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015Merit-basedNigeriaScholarship

Carmudi PK Scholarship Program for Postgraduate Studies, 2016 
Provided by: Carmudi, Pakistan
Courses: Postgraduate Studies Subjects: Economics, Business, Engineering, IT, Marketing or relevant majors
Eligible Students: Pakistani Students
Application Deadline 20th December, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016BusinessEconomicsEngineeringInformation TechonologyMarketingPakistanPostgraduate,Scholarship

Westminster Social Science and Humanities Research Studentships in UK, 2016 
Provided by: University of Westminster, United Kingdom
Courses: PhD Research Program Subjects: Social Science and Humanities
Eligible Students: UK and International Students
Application Deadline 30 September 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016HumanitiesPhDresearchSocial ScienceStudentshipUK

Postgraduate Scholarship in Contaminant Hydrology at University of Sydney in Australia, 2016 
Provided by: University of Sydney, Australia
Courses: Postgraduate Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Australian and international students
Application Deadline 26 September 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AustraliaInternationalPostgraduateScholarshipUniversity of Sydney

Law School Departmental Scholarships for Masters Students in UK, 2016 
Provided by: University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Courses: Masters Degree Program Subjects: Law
Eligible Students: UK and international applicants
Application Deadline 31st March 2016
Apply Now
Tags: InternationalLawMaster'sscholarshipsUKUniversity of Warwick

Wilson Center Japan Scholar Program in USA, 2016 
Provided by: Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Courses: One year Residential Scholarship Subjects: Public policy issues facing Japan, including U.S.-Japanese relations and East Asian political, security, and economic issues
Eligible Students: Japanese Scholars
Application Deadline December 31, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016JapanScholarshipUSA

PhD Scholarships for Australian and International Students at La Trobe University in Australia, 2016 
Provided by: La Trobe University, Australia
Courses: PhD Degree Program Subjects: Research themes: understanding human origins, mobility and insecurity, understanding social and cultural change and achieving social justice with sustainability
Eligible Students: Australian and international students
Application Deadline 30 September 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AustraliaAustralianInternationalLa Trobe UniversityPhD

Junior Research Fellow (JRF) at VIT University in India 
Provided by: NTRF, Tea Board, India
Courses: Research Programme

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