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Ever since he broke up with his former partner, Kcee, Presh has been trying so very hard to come back with a bang and rule the entertainment industry just as Kcee is doing.

It looks as if the young man has gathered enough momentum, especially since his hit song with Davido, Say Dem Say, hit the airwaves.

Speaking to Saturday Beats recently, Presh could remember with nostalgia, the good old days of KC Presh, as he said he missed those days.

“I miss fooling around with Kcee because we joked a lot. We never took life too seriously. We always found a way of making a serious issue seem trivial but we still got results. Even during brainstorming sessions, if things were too heated up for us, we would leave and come back when everywhere was relaxed,” he said.

Now that the duo have gone solo, Presh claims he is not competing with Kcee.

“There is no king that remains on the throne forever. The industry is big and I don’t see any competition between Kcee and me. He does his brand of music and I do mine. The sky is big enough for all birds to fly. Instead of thinking about another person’s career, I would invest the energy in making my career better. I maintain a cordial relationship with Kcee and we talk when we need to. We are both busy with our careers,” Presh said.

Currently signed under Erick Manny Records, Presh said he couldn’t join Five Star Entertainment (which belongs to Kcee’s younger brother E-money) because he was working on his solo project.

 -Culled from Punch

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