Crying accompanies us from the day we were born. An expert explained that as babies  we cry to have our emotional and physical needs cared for, but why do we shed tears as we grow older when we  communicate in other ways?  we may cry because of grief,frustration or psychological suffering.

But euphoria,relief and achievement  likewise provoke emotional tears.

Surveys estimate that 85% of women and 73% of men are reported  to feel better after crying.  Some experts believe that crying provides a useful outlet for our emotions.

1.BASAL TEARS. Tear glands constantly produce this clear liquid to lubricate our eyes .They also improve our eyesight.

2.REFLEX TEARS. These tears flood our eyes when an irritant gets into them, they are also associated with yawning and laughing

3.EMOTIONAL TEARS. They contain 24% higher protein concentration than other tears,we shed them when we feel strong emotions

Hope we can now  differentiate the kind of tears we shed at a particular point in time..

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