Are you tired of departmental cut offs and putme troubles, have you stayed at home for years seeking admission and yet its up to no avail. Getting admission into Nigerian universities can be so boring especially when you see those junior students who called you "senior" back then in secondary school make it into the university while you sit at home buying jamb form yearly.

You probably must have heard rumours about Unizik's prescience like; its partial ,its a waste of time, they already know the people to admit , these bad reports bothered me so much until I took the bold step into the programme.  
    My name is Iyama francis presently a 200 level student of unizik studying applied biochemistry , I graduated  from secondary school in the year 2011 and started my utme journey. I was able to cross the red sea of  jamb but at the point of admission I was disqualified by departmental cut off mark, I heard about the programme in 2012 but was unable to register due to financial instability.  In the year 2013 the story     was worse so I decided to go for the programme. I applied for the programme just to avoid staying at home till the next utme date. Well, I will say that my aim led me to the door of my destiny which is prescience. I was filled with uncertainty when I applied for the programme due to the poor performance of the previous students.
The programme lasts for six months and its divided into two semesters. The exam comes at the end of the second semester . the cut off mark of the exam has been 200 for the past few years but you must score up to 180 in your jamb below are instances that will help you understand it better
1. If you score 179 or below in jamb and score 200 or above in jamb you will not be admitted.
2. If you score 180 or above in jamb and score 199 or below in the psp exam you will not be admitted.
3. If you score 180 and above in jamb and score 200 and above in psp exam you will be admitted, the only uncertainty is that you might not be given your preferred choice of course because the higher your psp score the higher your chances of getting your preferred choice of course, the possibility  of getting your course depends on the number and performance of students that  applied to that same department, remember the jamb score of 180 is just a gateway . for instance I applied for medlab and scored 190 in jamb and  300 in psp exam but I was given biochemistry, there are six subjects offered in psp which are English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and geography, each subject is taught by 7 or 8 lecturers, you will choose 4 or 5 subjects to sit for in the exam. Only 4 subjects will be calculated over 400 I.e your best four.
In the programme students are grouped into classes according to their reg no and the classes are usually eight in number; B1,B2,C1,C2,D1,D2,E1 and E2 .
Life in mbaukwu is extremely competitive and stressful. So you need very assistance from God, serve your God and abstain from all evil practices, never you miss your lectures because 80% of what u see in the exam are those things your lecturers say in class.
Unizik psp is an example of what Charles Darwin called natural selection, it is indeed a place where  only those endowed with the necessary adaptive features survive. Most people reject psp because they think its too expensive , if you think its too expensive you can do what I did. I worked throughout the year 2013 before I could raise the the money for the programme ,while  I was working I took putme in unn and failed but I did not relent because I know that success is built on failure,
Your destiny is not a passive instrument in the  laps of the gods but an active instrument in your hands and you can shape it as you will.After my psp  I promised myself that I will show psp students the way out, that is why I took my time to write and publish the book titled MY DAYS IN M.B.K it contains secrets of psp exam,how I scored 300 and lots more, don't forget to get your  copy as you come for your clearance in utility building,  i have recieved  series of calls from the 2015 psp students who read the book and heeded to my advice saying that they are glad they read the book,you can reach me via the number 08147652510 for advice and on Facebook I' m francis Iyama.
 Psp is very interesting take that bold step today. If you have been inspired don't forget to share and comment I love you all, God bless you.

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