Na wa for dis current SUG Ooo. instead of settling their problems amicably their prefer to wash their dirty linen in public.. The era of open letter has been redefined as we get different types of open letters   directed at executives of the student union....The just concluded SUG night brings us another letter attack. Now, this was directed to the DOS by the DOT

Dear Mr Alaxander Nzeadi (DOS-LANKY),

It is very obvious that you have a problem with suppressing your over bloated ego and being truthful. Your recent blackmail of the president is a clear indication of your unjustifiable resentment over the success of the week which you wanted to hijack from her because you felt oh well she's a girl, and can be easily manipulated. But Alexander know it today that Precious is the most matured leader I have ever seen little wonder she has refused to reply your kindergarten utterances. If not for the social media that gives everyone opportunity to write, I wonder, I really just wonder how people like your demoted self can hold your face high to speak to the public.

My dear most anti social director of socials, let me begin by giving you a run down of the activities of that week you wanted the whole students to see in a bad light because you may have forgotten that it is a week long activity and not all about SUG NITE. ThankGod you made public the amount of money given to her for the week (800k).

Day 1: Praise Day
Students of unizik who attended that day could attest that down history of SUG weeks, this years praise day was superb

Day2: Physical Fitness
The SUG director of sports Mr. Livius was in charge that day and he attested how very wonderful that event was. Have their ever been a cycling event in the institution before? Have you ever had a sports fitness day with about 10 sporting activities going on simultaneously? Mr DOS was that day also a flop?

An old school with a colourful touch of Glamour and sound. The best ever, if you doubt verify from the students that participated.

 Day 4:
Wow! The cultural day! The cultural day was a bomb! It had an all round performance most of  the states of the federation showcasing that the institution is a federal outfit. A feat never achieved before. It had the youngest traditional ruler East of the Niger as its royal father, infact he took a flight that morning to meet up the event at Garba Square. I wonder how someone like you who was a bystander throughout that day because you never wanted the success of it came in the open to trash that too.

Day 5: the burn fire night was the best burn fire night even when you deliberately planned to make it a failure. Mr DOS if you had any iota of truthfullness in you, just maybe you still, then you would attest to the fact that that night was hijacked by you and you sidelined Precious Committee that was assigned to work with you. You even sold tickets to make money which you have never accounted for, save for the prime intervention of people like Comr. Kelvin Onyebuchi, Nancy (your fellow exco member), and others, that night would have flopped. Did you know what sacrifices that was made that night to ensure that the Kegytes club performed, even the life band. The only thing that flopped that night as far as I am concerned is your beauty pageant which was so unorganised and ridden with irregularity, you did not have any Judge, Kelvin brought the Judge. You collected ticket money from some participant yet none of the participants or winners got a single gift or consolation prizes owing to your financial recklessness.

Day 6:
The almighty SUG NITE! This was the first SUG NITE with such a quantum number of invited artistes. Her Excellency Comr. Precious Ozems did not get any financial support for that nite yet she made arrangement for 10 good artistes. To get this 10 artistes will cost nothing less than 2.5million Naira and I thankGod you published how much she was  given. To get RUNTOWN to Unizik will cost over 1.8million Naira, you can verify that. Ruff coin was not an aftermath arrangement, he was in the initial arrangement and we all know that with Ruffcoin alone,  that event will be a huge success, she didn't stop at that, she got PAPA (Oga Thomas) Kinosi, Fizzlino and A list Comedians like Twin Parrot, MC Nze Boy, MC Machine, Mc Daddy Saint and Body Language all the way from Abuja. Mr DOS, to lodge this people alone in a programme that doesn't have MTN or GLO sponsoring it like it has always been, is more that 300thousand Naira.
RUNTOWN as Precious was told got a bigger deal and didn't show up because we offered far less than he collects. Their was a life band show that Night, we had series of stage performances. The only thing that did not make snese in that night was again the beauty pageant you handled solely by yourself. While the president was all alone running around to make the guest artistes comfortable, Mr DOS was busy selling tickets for table and we are aware you realised nothing less than 260thousand Naira from the sales yet no gift was given to the winners again. The president borrowed money to get that stage you used for your event, she borrowed to light up the place, she borrowed to do virtually everything she did on that NITE and now an over grown fool like you wants to de repute her. Mba! I will not let that happen. I will speak for her.
A whole star trek which was supposed to feature WIZKID in Awka failed to get WIZKID, thousands of people who paid to see WIZKID at Geogold did not see him. It is only a fool like you that will blame Precious for RUNTOWN's absence because we know how unstable artistes can be.
Just for the record, during Victor Onuegbu's regime, entrance tickets were paid for, which artistes came? Then unpopular K.C, Hilary regime which was sponsored by MTN got Sample Ekwe (gate fee attached), Oritse Femi was brought during Cico's time, and Precious got RuffCoin and nine other artistes (no get fee). Mr DOS what crime has Precious Ozems committed?
Let God judge you. If she did well for the good of the union, she will go higher after this week, but if you, Alaxander Nzeadi is only trying to gain cheap popularity, then the position you have now will be the last position you and your co-hots will ever attain to in life.

Nwa afor,
Comr Kenneth Onuorah

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