No matter how noble the intention or how something seems so right, we MUST find the Lord's perfect will before we can do Him a service. It might be the right thing to do, but it also might be the wrong time.
Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men..Mark 7:7

If we have favor with God, we can ask Him anything, like you would any other friend, and He is a very present help in time of trouble. Look what’ll take place. There is only one way to serve God, that’s by doing His will at His command.
 No matter how sincere, and what good motives, and what good objectives, and
how people want those things and see the need of it, there is a will of God to be carried out in these things.

 By going to the priests, by going to the theologians, and by going to the military forces, and not even considering their God-sent messenger of the hour, Nathan, they did it wrong.

The Word of God is not to be handled by denominations; It’s to be handled by
the heart of a man, where God can come in there and reveal Himself. And if
he reveals it according to the Word, it’s God; if it isn’t, it’s not.
 There is no great ones among us. There’s only one great One, and that’s

 First, it must be His time to do it. And it must be according to His Word that has been spoken.
And it must be given according to the person He has chosen to do it by.
And it must come, first, to His prophets. And the prophet must be vindicated by
the Word of God. Amen!

 I don’t care what your pastor says, don’t care what I say, or anybody else
says. If it’s contrary to God’s vindicated Word,  the hour, the time, the Message,
and so forth, forget it.

 There is only one Ark to follow, that’s, the Word of God. Anything contrary to
that Ark, stay away from it! It’s on a new cart, and not on the shoulders of God. Right. Stay away from the thing. Don’t have nothing to do with it.
Remember, Christ our Ark!

And one day you’ll see that the One that you feeled in your heart, and see His
identification, will become personalized before you, then you and Him are One.
You’ve united by the Word.

God richly bless you.
Rev. William Branham

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