Roller skating is not a new thing in the world today. It is seen especially in Nigeria that many young people now skate  their way around.  Coming to Unizik, roller skating is a new hobby for students as they are getting their roller blades and zooming round school.

        Roller skating as seen can be used as a form of exercise as it has so many benefits. Studies have shown that roller skating provides a complete aerobic workout as it involves all parts of the body's muscles and heart. It is also equivalent to jogging in terms of  endurance training,reduction of body fat, development of leg strength, improvement in balance and coordination.

According to www. Skateland.com, roller skating is recognized and recommended by the American Heart Association(AHA) as an aerobic fitness sport. Note that just one hour of moderate skating can burn 330 calories for a 143 pound person, so you know what hours of vigorous skating can do to that person.

               Also another new hobby for zikites is cycling. It is also another good form of exercise. According to www.examiner.com, it is learned that cycling is one of the few ways to exercise while accomplishing other things. You can cycle while going for lectures, work, running errands etc.

Cycling has the same health benefits as roller skating and more. For the ladies, it tones you all over; sculpting your upper body and giving you killer legs. It boosts energy and fights fatigue, it also saves your joints as it puts less stress on the knees, ankles and spine.

So to all of you out there, pick up one of these new hobbies or any other of your choice and put yourself In shape, but most especially stay healthy.

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  1. roller skates are popular today, this sport brings people closer and it has some benefits for your health. For example: Improves leg strength, Improves body balance, Heart Improvement, and so on. Let's skating


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