Pastors fight dirty over control of Enugu Assemblies of God local parish

Odogwu reports that bloody clash was averted at the 27 Mount Street Parish of the Assemblies of God Church Nigeria, Enugu was turned into a battle field on Sunday as two pastors and their supporters engaged in fisticuffs over who should take control of the parish. 
One of the Pastors, Rev (Dr) Nathaniel Udeze came with letters of posting and other court documents in preparation to be installed as the new pastor, but his arrival with his team of supporters was resisted by the resident pastor, Rev. Amaechi Agbo and his supporters, who vowed not to shift ground for any “intruder”.
The development, according to our reporter was the offshoot of the crisis which has factionalized the Church since 2014 with two General Superintendents (GS); Rev (Professor Paul Emeka and Rev (Dr) Chidi Okoroafor, respectively calling the shots at the highest level of the church.
The matter is currently in several courts including the Supreme Court to determine the true GS of the church.
The fracas at the 27 Mount Street Parish of the Church was therefore a demonstration of power tussle between loyalists of the two contending General Superintendents fighting for the soul of the Parish considered to be very lucrative.
The development attracted the attention of officers of the nearby Ikirrike Divisional Police, Idaw River Enugu, who stormed the church and ordered shutting down of the church to avoid break down of law and order.
However the decision to shut down the church appeared to have been arrived at as a last resort by the police after several hours of mediation yielded no dividends.
Both factions stuck to their guns as the incoming Pastor, Rev Udeze insisted that he has been posted to the new Parish by the leadership of the church under Rev (Prof.) Paul Emeka and that Rev. Agbo had been transferred to another Parish since May, 2015.
But Rev Agbo resisted, insisting that he was still in-charge of the parish as he was yet to be written by the Rev (Dr.) Okoroafor’s leadership of the church.
Trouble actually started as early as 7am when supporters of both pastors arrived and started sharing different versions of the Sunday school manual in preparation for the main service.
The sharing of the two different manuals led to inflamed passions as supporters of the two factions came close to exchanging blows even before the arrival of their respective pastors.
But when the factional pastors arrived, the situation broke down completely as one of the pastors was seen shoving the other and their members engaged in fisticuffs before police intervened and ordered everybody out of the church.
The Divisional Crime Officer, DCO, (name not known as at press time) was the first to arrival with a team in a police Hilux van and he quickly engaged the leadership of the two factions in a dialogue which dragged on till around 11am when the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Dennis Ayara arrived and took charge of the negotiation.
But when it appeared that the discussion was not leading anywhere, the DPO ordered the shutting down of the church with every entry doors put under lock and key.
He then invited the leadership of the two factions to the police station for further discussions.
The Sunday service at the branch of the church which normally witness large turnout of worshipers could no t hold as policemen asked supporters of both camps to leave the premises.

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