News getting to us has it that  Exam Madness  is fast becoming a norm in the school hostel.  Recent development have it that, 3 students from the school hostel, have rushed down to the School's Medical centre on different occasion, due to excessive jacking this exam period.

The first and second case were not that serious, as those involved were just shouting and talking out of point, before  the attention of the School's Medical personnels were called  to the scene.

The last case was indeed a very critical one, as the guy involved went around naked and was shouting on top of his voice. He was later bundled and taken to the School's Medical Centre he wrecked havoc...

We really cant say why cases like this, are coming up at this particular point in time.

 We know times like this are very trying, as students don't get to eat good food, since the town is so dry at this point in time and nobody is having; Students also tend to over stress themselves to a large extent, just to ensure that they cover up for exams,  and make good grades out of it..

We implore our students to please, take out time to eat good food and take very good care of themselves, especially at this critical point in time..

We wish you all a sound mind, in a sound body...

Source: Tush_Aitte

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